Sunday, December 13, 2015

Santa! I Know Him!

We had such a great weekend! I love how many activities we have and am still a kid at heart enjoying the magic of this time of year. {grin}

Friday was supposed to be our book club white elephant/dinner party, but our party of 9 slowly dwindled to 2 due to sickness, out of town trips, impending name it, we had it happening. Karin and I were the last 2 standing. So what do you do when your whole book club bails? You got out anyway and send the rest of book club a picture enjoying your mojitos.

Take that slackers!

Saturday we hung out at my parents and drove around looking at lights for the hundredth time this Christmas season. 

And then today was Gurliamson Christmas. We have a tradition with my bestie that we get together and exchange gifts and eat taco soup and sit around watching football being lazy. It is magical. {You might not remember unless you are a hardcore reader, but I am Beau's godmother, and they are both Trent's and Drew's godparents.} So they met us for church first where Santa came to visit! Being the slacker mom that I am, this is our 1 visit to Santa each year. {Previous pics here.}

Beau telling Santa she wanted 'toys'.

Drew refusing to talk, look at, or acknowledge Santa.
Although she told me she was going to tell him she wanted a ballerina skirt.
{Trent refused to be in the picture}

Example of the laziness I mentioned!

 I didn't get any pictures of the besties {ugh}, but here is Trent digging his Star Wars towel and demonstrating his Jedi powers. Loved indeed!

Hope everyone had an equally Christmas-y weekend!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I love how your mom is sitting on santa's lap!!

Karen Peterson said...

I don't think I did a single Christmas-y thing this weekend. Well, not Saturday or Sunday. But on Friday night my choir performed our Christmas concert and it went really well!