Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kid Speak

I am trying to make a better effort at documenting the cute stuff the kids say - I hate when I am trying to remember something a day or 2 later that one of the kids said and can't remember it.

  • I absolutely love when out of nowhere Drew says 'I love you, Mom.' That melts me into a giant puddle. She also told me the other day 'I love kisses' and then gave me 20. #dead
  • Drew still mispronounces a few things. Our vitamin C tablets she calls 'purple vita-ins'. We call our baby food pouches 'squirty fruits'. She calls them 'squirty fruiters'.
  • Trent told me a great story about how you can call your penis 2 things: a weiner and nuts. We had a conversation about how those weren't the same thing, and he proceeded to tell me 'Well, Manolo pushed Dane, so Dane kicked Manolo in the nuts.' Gotta love 1st and 2nd grade boys!
  • Drew has great manners and always says 'Yes sir.' Even when talking to women. I don't correct her because it's too cute!
  • Drew loves to say 'Because I did' when you ask her why she did something. She got frustrated because she took her pants off and then when trying to put them back on got both legs stuck in the same hole. I asked her 'Why did you take your pants off?' Her response? 'Because I did.' Duh, Mom.
  • Trent is in love with Nerf guns right now. The other day he told me 'I hope to be on the Nerf channel when I grow up. You know? On YouTube.' Glad we are setting high career goals, son!
  • I have a picture of both kids on my nightstand when they were babies. Brent only has a picture of Trent on his nightstand {because it's from when he had an office at the state agency he used to work for}. Drew was questioning me on who the babies were and asked me 'Where is Drew on Daddy's nightstand?' Busted, Dad!
  • Trent: I am the oldest, so I get to go first. Drew: I am the 2-est. Can't get much cuter than that!

Don't think I could love these nuggets anymore if I tried!


the blogivers said...

Always love these kind of posts! Avery also struggles with "vitamin" - she calls it "diamond" :) "I want my diamond, Mom!"

Karen Peterson said...

I love the adorable things kids say! I really need to start writing down some of the funny things Chris's daughter says because she's hilarious. I used to keep track of some of my nephew's funny things, but it's not the same now that he's older. He's definitely funny, but in a more intentional way.

Kathryn Bagley said...

Unfortunately Jake doesn't have any cute sayings..he just tends to tear my stuff up when I'm in the shower! ha!!