Monday, August 17, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday: All About High School ME!

Who was I in high school? I cringe when I think about high school, but I think I had a pretty good high school experience. I wasn't super popular, but I was popular enough. I was involved in activities, had friends, met the love of my it couldn't have been bad, I guess! But when I think about acne, bad hair, insecurities, studying/tests, fights with friends {and a certain boyfriend}...I wouldn't go back for anything!

I was in band {and played the flute}.

I had braces for about 18 months.

{I think this is one of the first pictures of Brent and me. LOVE}

Most of high school, my sister and I fought more than we liked each other.

We spent a lot of time with family - some of my happiest memories.

I cut bangs myself. {oops}

I ran track and ran the 400m dash and 1,600m relay. I equally loved and hated track - the meets stressed me out to no end, but I loved the competition.

My dad taught at my high school - I had him as my Algebra II teacher, and Brent had him twice - even the semester we started dating. Never thought about how awkward that must have been for my dad!

I went to my senior prom with the guy I would marry.

I was class President all 4 years of high school.

I was in honors classes and was a member of the National Honor Society.

I am still friends with friends from high school.

I rarely wore make-up, was just figuring out how to tame my frizzy/semi-curly hair, was pretty self-conscious, had more crushes than was crushed on...

I was {and am} a goofball.

I was vote Best Leader and Miss PHS at senior prom. Sounds semi-cool, right? Except Miss PHS was teacher vote. I couldn't have imagined getting in trouble, I would have been mortified.

I think that sums up my high school experience pretty well. A few friends from high school still read my blog {Hi Allison, Kelly, and Kathryn!}...did I do okay?

What was high school like for you?


Karen said...

Wow. I had a much different experience. I had about ZERO self-confidence, so even though I might have done well in student leadership, there was no way I would have ever run for anything. I never tried out for anything. I was pretty much just a wallflower. I didn't hate high school, but I definitely didn't love it either.

Kathryn Bagley said...

aww how fun!! I say this all the time to you that I wish we would have been better friends back then :/ I was a choir nerd and on the swim team..I'd do a lot of things differently I think but it was ok for the most part :)