Sunday, August 9, 2015

House Tour!

I know a lot of people who say a house is never finished because as soon as you get something just the way you want it, you want to redo something else. Our new abode is going to take a long time to get presentable all the way, but I figured it was finally at a place where I was ready to show it off!

*all photos taken with my iPhone...quality isn't so great*

Front view from across the street
Garage is to the left, you can kind of see the single car garage at the very end of the house, and the 2 car garage is side entry - the last windows you can see.

Front door

Porch to the left of the front door - 
we are discussing rocking chairs or 2 chairs/table or what to go here

View right when you walk inside 
{coat closet is the door to the right}

Office to the left - catch all room for decor from our old house
This room is 3rd on our list for a makeover for a new desk!

We want the desk to face out and this one is cheap and the back is particleboard

The living room with Brent's new TV {his pride & joy!}
Trent has asked a bunch when we can have a fire - um, not when the high on Tuesday is 106*! 
I promised him one this winter.
{Sidebar - we never had a fire in 8.5 years in our old house!}

View to the right. I want to put a barnwood wall in the recessed part.
Our bedroom is through the archway you can start to see at the far right.

View to the left, obviously the kitchen.
Playroom and kids' rooms are past the kitchen.

View from standing by the fireplace.
We want to get a bigger piece of furniture where we have our old entryway table.
Might put that table back in the entryway? Obviously needs some art!

Kitchen - archway leads to playroom to the right and laundry room to left
Pantry is closed door next to the fridge.

View to the right - this has our old table - 
next on the list is replacing that with a long table since we took out the dining room

Ignore the half-dead plant {sorry Kelly!} - 
door to the left is to the small patio - where we keep the kids' outdoor toys
{This door was supposed to be in the playroom but I didn't want the kids having access to the outside through the playroom}

Door to the right is the main patio {you can see Brent using the shop vac, ha}

View looking down the kitchen - the wine X section was originally a pass-through into the dining room {which we didn't want}.
We turned the dining room into the office and added the storage there.

View from right by pantry - you can see the archway leading into our room.
There is also a half bath to the right through the arch.

Exciting half bath!
I really wanted a half bath because in our old house, we only had 2 bathrooms so company was always going in the kids' bathroom - which shared a wall with the nursery - I hated all that water running when my babies were sleeping!

More storage! {View from inside half bath}

View from doorway into our room - I sleep on right, B on left.
This is the furniture we bought about 6 months after we moved into our first house but new bedding and new rug.

I love my little windows!
Door to the right leads into the bathroom.

Bathroom - doors to the right are leading into master closet

My vanity is to the right, Brent's is to the left.

View from closet - door to the right is potty room.

Our closet
{In the original plan this was the office, we reconfigured the master bath, master closets, and office into a giant space}

Back to the other side of the house!
The playroom is behind the kitchen - the 3 other bedrooms are off the playroom
{That closed door is Drew's room and the windows are where the door originally was to go to the little patio.}

Open door is T's room, closed door is D's room

Door on left is empty guest room, door on right is T's room
{Does that kind of give you an idea of the flow?}

Archway on left is leading back to the kitchen and
archway/door on right are leading into the laundry room and garage

Laundry room - LOVE having a big laundry room with tons of storage
{Benches open up for, you guessed it, more storage!}

First bedroom off the playroom {L to R} has its own bathroom - 
This will likely be a guest room for awhile {doubtful it will ever be a nursery like I want...sob}

Empty room - we might get bunk beds for T's room and move his full bed here

Trent's room - originally we were going to make this Drew's room because what girl doesn't need a window seat, but then we thought his furniture wouldn't fit very well in the 3rd bedroom and his window seat could be Lego building land!
And this is real life - his room is always a mess except for right before/after our cleaning lady comes.
The door you can barely see on the right leads into T and D's shared bathroom.

Shared bathroom - I didn't want it to be theme-y and had to be gender neutral!

Target for the win!

Drew's room is the smallest and is a little bit awkward, but it works for now.
{I need to decorate this wall, I'm thinking a cork board w/ material for pictures/art, etc.}

Door leading to the shared bathroom

Her collage wall changed some as several piece broke recently. 
Need to add to this because it is looking a little sad right now!

Now onto the backyard!

View from the far corner. Our lot goes almost to the neighbor's driveway.

Small patio off the playroom that holds the kids' outdoor toys and pool.

Main patio

Close-up of Brent's TV, grill, fridge, sink - it's manland!

And there you have it - our home for the next 20+ years! Hopefully I can get it decorated in that same time frame. {grin}

Any questions?!?!


Kathryn Bagley said...

It was so fun seeing it in person! Gorgeous home!! Yall did awesome!

katie@tulsadetails said...

I love it! It's beautiful! I especially love the cute USA rug and alphabet in your play room! How fun! :)

Heather said...

Wow! It's stunning! I love it!

Karen Peterson said...

Your home is so beautiful!

Sabrina Marie said...

What a blessing :) It's so beautiful. Congrats girl.

Renae said...

Beautiful home, I love the layout.