Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Goals

I figured I better get my August goals posted before this week got away from me!

To recap my July goals:
1. Exercise! Time to get moving - I didn't hit 3 times/week every week, but I did 2 of the 4 weeks which I count as a success given I hadn't done much of anything for the 2 years before that.
2. Splash pad once/week - We have had a blast, and I hope to finish out the last few weeks of summer strong.

Our happy place!

3. Sewing machine manual - Oops, I completely forgot to order a new manual, here's hoping I can do that this month.
4. Order a camera charger - Done! I charged my camera, got all the pics off it, and used it a bunch!!
5. Trent's bike skills - I wouldn't say we turned him into a riding fool like we hoped, but it hasn't been too terrible getting him on it. He is still having so much fun being a clone trooper on it and 'killing' Drew and me on walks.

1. Decorate something - I want to go through what we have from the old house and see what we want to keep and get a few things hung up to make this place a little less sterile and more us.

2. Up the exercise - I want to continue exercising on the reg. I bought a kettle bell to try some new stuff!

3. Fed Up 10-day challenge - After watching Fed Up, I looked at the movie website and saw they have a challenge to avoid added sugar for 10 days. After my birthday {which will be Sugar Fest 2015}, I want to do this. It's amazing if you read labels to see all the added sugar. Even if something doesn't seem like it has much, by the end of the day it can add up to more than you need. So I really want to do this for at least 10 days.

4. Enjoy the end of summer - School will be starting for my kiddos at the end of the month. We've had a stressful second half of the summer with our nanny situation {without sharing more than is necessary, we've gone through 2 nannies - one wasn't the right fit for our family and the other essentially didn't want the responsibility} and have spent August just relying on help from family}, but it's only been stressful for me - the kiddos are having a blast, and I want to let them relax, have fun, and just enjoy.

Drew 'working' next to me - my little sweetie!


Karen Peterson said...

Good luck with your August goals! That Fed Up Challenge sounds like a good one, but it would be SO hard! I couldn't go three DAYS without processed sugar!

Kathryn Bagley said...

Love kettle bells! if you need any suggestions for workouts let me know :)