Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Drew: An Update

I thought it was high time to check in on my favorite little girl. It's hard to believe she's closer to her 3rd birthday than her 2nd. She is turning into such a big girl and so much has happened since she turned 2.

Statistically, Drew's still very small. She weighs about 23.5 pounds and is about 34" tall. Her hair is very thin and hasn't grown a ton {but I can finally do some fun, albeit messy, braids}. She wears mostly 12-18 month clothes, 24 month pajamas, and size 7.5 in shoes. She has some 24 month shirts but still wears some 9-12 month shorts - she is so skinny! We mastered potty training fully {except sleeping} in June - so 1 month shy of 2.5 - just like her brother!

We do have a bossy one on our hands! She knows how to pitch a fit when she doesn't get her way, but she is usually pretty easy to calm down. Her 2 big issues - getting her movies taken away and going to bed.

This girl is a water bug! She loves to go to the splash pad at our rec center, loves to play in our little pool in the back yard, loves to help Brent water the yard, loves to run in the sprinklers...she just loves water. And it's funny because she has since she got her first bath at 10 days old.

She loves to go to the park, loves to swing {and not in the baby swing!}. 

She is for sure my little snuggle bug. She loves to wear my shoes and play in my closet. 

Her best friend is for sure her brother, and Drew also loves to play with 'my cousins'. She loves her grandparents {especially her grandmothers}. I'm curious how going back to school will be in 12 days...she loves her teacher and has some good friends there, but she's been with me SO much over the past 2 1/2 months.

Drew is such a great eater! She eats tons of fruits and vegetables every day {her fave snack is a mix of frozen peas, corn, and broccoli, and she loves to pick tomatoes from her Pops' garden}. We also finally stopped nursing in June! That was a huge change for her, and she has cried many times over it, but she's doing fine.

Of course she also loves to have sugar - she definitely gets that from her mama, but we can ration it to her and she is totally fine.

Drew talks in complete sentences and LOVES to talk. She sometimes mixes up 'you' and 'me' - she is finally consistently saying 'hold me' instead of 'hold you' but will sometimes say 'excuse you' when she burps or toots. So cute! She says 'huh' for 'yes' a lot and will shout 'What did you say?' when she can't hear something - really funny.

Unfortunately has developed a love for electronics. Loves Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Elsa clips on YouTube, Care Bears, Mother Goose Club - We're working on the fits when it's time to turn them off - those are SO fun.

She is still sleeping in a crib. The few times she hasn't, it's usually a disaster, so I'm in no hurry to take her out! To combat the bedtime fits, we count to 10 before it's time to get into bed. Sometimes that helps. She'll usually say 'I want to rock a little bit' when I tell her its time to count, ha.

Drew loves singing - Some of her favorite are Hop, hop, hop like a bunny, Jesus loves me, I'm a soccer rocker, Swimming... Her version of singing is sometimes screaming at the top of her lungs, but it's still so cute.

She loves to pick her own outfits, and some of them are a bit...unusual... I love to see what her little mind picks - she gets on a kick of certain things {right now she loves some skirts Babs got her and her mouse shirt, she is still all about wearing leggings}.

Loves babies and stuffed animals. She is constantly carrying around stuffed animals or putting her babies in her shopping cart to go shopping {in the playroom}. She is such a little mama!

Loves to draw, color - loves using pens and loves to draw on herself. Knows she is supposed to only draw on paper but tries to draw other places - stinker.

She is such a joy!