Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Same Yet Different

Drew's personality is really starting to come out - there is very little of her {if any} that is still 'baby'. As I watch her day-to-day, I am amazed at the similarities and differences between her and Trent. It's interesting to think whether it's because they are siblings or boy vs. girl or just different kids all together.

- Looks - same hair color, eye color, eye shape, nose, both born big {and late, those stinkers!} and now on the small side, even the same teeth!
- Both early talkers and VERY talkative, both early walkers {T at 10.5 months, D at 10 months}.
- They are both on the go ALL THE TIME and bossy!
- They were {well are for Drew} great nursers.
- They both think their Aunt Patty is awesome and love playing with their cousins.
- They love to sing songs, listen to music, and dance! We have lots of dance parties.

Why play with blocks when you can sit on them?

- Trent got teeth earlier than average, Drew got them late.
- Trent has hated fruits and vegetables from day 1, Drew loves them.
- Trent has never been a stuffed animal kid. Drew LOVES them. She carries 1, 2, many as she can carry all the time.
- Trent loved a pacifier, Drew loathed it from the get-go.
- Drew loves the bath and all water, Trent has never been a fan.
- Trent hasn't shown much interest in sports, Drew loves to throw balls, chase balls, watch kids play sports.
- Trent is a much earlier riser than Drew, but Drew still wakes up once a night and Trent cut that out for good by 1. {This one is hard on Mama!}
- They both love to read BUT Trent seems to really love books, not really sure about Drew on this one.

Playing together on Bubba's bed

I'm sure some things will continue to be similar as they grow up, and I'm sure more differences will present, but more than anything I love seeing their relationship with each other grow. There is nothing in life quite like the relationship you have with your sibling!


Kathryn Bagley said...

So sweet!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

It's true. There really is nothing like that relationship between siblings. I hope your kiddos always stay close.