Monday, October 20, 2014

Devil's Thumb Ranch - Part 1

We got back yesterday from our anniversary trip. We did decide to take a quick trip out of town, and we ended up inviting Kristen and Schuyler with us. Kristen's birthday is our anniversary, and we always lament that we can't celebrate together, so this year we did! We went to a resort about 80 miles north of Denver in Tabernash, CO, called Devil's Thumb Ranch.

One word for our trip - FABULOUS!

Brent amused me the WHOLE time and took all the pictures I wanted!
TAKEOFF! Kid Free! Love!

We spent most of Thursday walking around Denver. We found a cute restaurant called Corridor 44 for happy hour.

Let the good times begin!

Oh yeah! This was just our 'happy hour' snacks.

4 people in their early{ish} 30s, and we laugh at this. {grin}

We walked around a little more and then went to eat our anniversary/birthday dinner at Vesta's Dipping Grill. It was SO amazing. 

Happy birthday, K Dub!!!

After dinner, we drove to the resort. In the dark. Up a windy mountain. With GPS giving us bad directions. We got there with enough time to check in, get to our cabin, and go to bed! We couldn't see anything and kept joking 'Where are the mountains?'

Well, we found them Friday morning!

Hello mountains!

The view on our walk from our cabin to the main lodge.

We ate breakfast at the main lodge, and it was INSANE. All that fresh air made us hungry.

Kristen and I spent a few hours Friday morning at the spa. We got massages and then spent time in the spa with a bottle of champagne. The service was nuts, just totally top notch!

Our personalized cubbies!


We met up with the boys at the other hot tub {they spent the morning having a 'man date' consisting of procuring alcohol and snacks and putting air in the car tires...I think we girls won the award for best morning.} for more drinks.

This doesn't even look real does it? View from the hot tub.

A few drinks in...

We were supposed to have dinner at the steak house on the resort grounds that night, but we looked at the menu and opted for the main lodge restaurant {where we'd had breakfast}. We definitely made the right decision again!

Lots of pictures still to share, and this post is already long I'll finish tomorrow - more Gurliamson shenanigans and pictures of our cabin!


Karen M. Peterson said...

That sounds like such a fun getaway. It's good to pamper yourself!

Kathryn Bagley said...

love the pic of you and B with the mountains behind yall! looks like it was such a fun trip!! :)