Monday, September 22, 2014

Apartment Livin'

Today marks one month since we sold our house. I decided it was time I finally took some pictures and shared our temporary space with you peeps. I didn't take great pictures, but given I don't love our living arrangement, I didn't have the greatest enthuisiaism for apartment picture taking. Forgive me?

A few things to note before I share lots o' pics:
1. Brent refused to let me decorate AT ALL. I was going to sneak a few things up on the walls, and he caught me. I agree that it's a waste of time, but man, our walls are bare.
2. This is temporary. As in there are boxes stored in random spaces and furniture put in weird spots because it's the only way it fits.
3. I am trying SO hard to keep this place picked up on a daily basis. But y'all... I have 2 small kids. So forgive me, but if I waited for the place to be perfect to share pictures, I'd never be able to!

We have a garage spot with a connecting door. I LOVE that.  It's right by the front door too, so this angle is where all the doors converge and then down the hallway to the front into the living room/kitchen and the hallway to the left where the kids rooms are. I didn't take pics of T's room because it was a disaster, and it's exactly the same layout as in the house, ha.

Kitchen - the kitchen has NO storage. Our pantry is crazy tiny! I had to pack away a lot of stuff for the kitchen, and that blows. It's functional, but I'm definitely not crazy about it. Plus, the pantry wall backs up to Drew's room, so I'm always nervous we'll wake her up. Can't wait for the new house where that isn't an issue!

Living room - we didn't have room for our couch, and we put the TV from our bedroom on the entryway table {the buyers of our house wanted the TV we had mounted in the living room, and Brent already wanted a new TV anyway so it was nice to not have to figure out what to do with it}. And our office desk is randomly shoved in here too with lots of junk on/under it. So matching the theme - hodge-podge ghetto.

Drew's room is HUGE compared to the house. It's super ghetto with the blackout panels {remember Brent won't let me decorate - that includes curtains} - I am trying to figure out how to a) get better panels and b) hide them better. I love though that I can put so many toys in her room!

I had to take pictures of Drew's closet, because it's HUGE. I think it's bigger than our master closet honestly. I have stored a lot of house stuff in here. I am impressed overall by all the storage we have, but I guess they have to think about adults living in these secondary bedrooms too...

Master bedroom - our room is totally boring. Master bathroom and closet are to the right and also boring. We couldn't get several pieces of our furniture in here so we have 1 nightstand and only part of our dresser. 

So there you have it! Our home for the next 6-7 months... Want to come visit?


Karen M. Peterson said...

It looks like a pretty decent apartment. At least you have a nice place to live while waiting for the dream house! Sorry about the kitchen storage, though. That bites.

Dee Stephens said...

Brad would be the same way about decorating but I would nearly lose my mind.
We lived semi like this when we first got married because I wanted to wait until after we received all of our wedding gifts to decorate. Seriously, about made me nuts!! Hang in there! At least you'll be living in a house soon! We're still our 3 floor townhome :(

Kathryn Bagley said...

Sorry it's so small but it is nice!!