Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a good and busy weekend!  I took a ton of iPhone pics and wanted to share.

I took Trent to the circus.  Dena came with her kiddos.  Overall it was a neat experience.  I hadn't been since I was about 10.  I still remember watching and loving 'Circus of the Stars' as a kid.

That hat? To buy cotton candy you had to get the hat.  $12.  Ugh.

Tight rope walkers were for sure the coolest part.

Saturday evening we went to my sister's house.  She was babysitting a nephew from the other side of their family, so we had 4 kids just the 2 of us!

I just think she is so dang cute.  Her fat thighs kill me.

This caught my eye.  Yowza!

First time we've had these 3 together in the tub!
They are all looking at Patty being silly.

Sunday was all about errands.  I was at HEB, Target and Home Depot.  Spent about $400.  Ouch.  

Trent was playing in this instead of napping.  Said he was riding a motorcycle.
So I had to push him around in it after naptime.  He is a mess.

Trent's BBR will be getting a fresh coat of paint today!  So excited we're moving along on that project.  I can't wait to have his room ready!  Brent puttied all the holes in there and we also took everything off the walls in the nursery and puttied those too.  I was a little bit sad to see his room lose its babiness.  But I guess it's very exciting to look ahead to how things will be in just a few months!