Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby Dos (GIRL!!!) Bumpdate - 20 Weeks

Lots of baby talk lately, so I will try and keep this short.*

As I posted yesterday, we found out that Baby Dos is in fact a baby girl!  I am in shock still and just so excited!!  There is a joke in the Gurley family that these men only make boys. Brent's dad is from a family of 7 and 5 of those are boys.  Brent's brother has 1 boy and we had Trent first.  It was a very special moment when I told my FMIL** she was getting her first granddaughter.

The conversation went like this:
MIL: Hello
Me: So...
MIL: So...
Me: Are you ready to buy some pink?
MIL: Yes.  {Sounding very skeptical.  Later said she wasn't sure if I was teasing her or not.}
Me: Well, start buying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
***Cue MIL crying and laughing all at the same time.***
She then thanked me (ha, so sweet) and said she'd be buying lots of pink.

I left a few hours after our appointment to head to Chicago for training, so I didn't get to do any of my special ideas for sharing Baby Dos' gender which is a little disappointing.  Everyone was still just as excited though!

Overall, our appointment was great!  Baby Dos was very stubborn and spent the majority of the ultrasound on her stomach.  Random, right?  I feel like every ultrasound picture you see is the baby being face up.  The technician kept pumping on my belly, but she {SHE!! I get to say SHE!!} wouldn't budge!  Finally, we got her to turn to see a few more things in her body (pulmonary artery for example) and determine that she is a she!!!!!!!!!!  She flipped back over pretty quickly and put her hand over her face as if to say 'No more pictures.'  Ha!

I'm really starting to for sure feel her move, so that makes me feel so much more relaxed.

Her heartrate today was 141, so the lowest yet.

When I told one friend that Baby Dos was a girl, she asked about names.  I had a little laugh over that.  {grin}

20 weeks (looks more like 22-23 weeks with Trent)

*I lied.  This is not short at all.
**Fabulous mother-in-law


Kelly said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you guys. And if you want the name Tate you can have it. It's okay.

Anonymous said...

You look sooooo cute! And I am glad I am not the only person 1) with a Rudy's cup in my bathroom and 2) a bra hanging on a doorhandle. :) -- Pierce