Monday, August 13, 2012

Trent's Big Boy Room...Oh the Drama

I'm consumed with decorating Trent's Big Boy Room and redoing the nursery.  Trent's BBR is the priority because we want to move him soon to get him used to it before Baby Gurl's arrival (Aunty K Dub christened her with a new blog name.  It's totally perfect, huh?).  Plus, I think it's a little more exciting to decorate a room for a child who has a personality and can let you know what they want. can be a little dramatic too.

First, I found the perfect quilt for our truck loving little boy.

But, alas, it only came in a twin and we're putting a full bed in the BBR.  Ugh.

So then I found a great quilt that is more neutral.  I did buy this, so I at least have this purchased!!

The plan with this was to get truck sheets.  The perfect pair that had lots of different types of trucks...sold out before I could order.  Sigh.  

I have a set of sheets that at a minimum will be a backup set (bought by my fabulous MIL or FMIL), but it's all construction trucks, and as soon as T saw them, he asked where the garbage trucks were.  We're contemplating trying to make sheets.  Crazy?

Next up, paint.  The Big Boy wants a green room.  Green is for sure his favorite color, and I think it's adorable he has a favorite.  My FMIL and I had decided on some samples to start with and she surprised us with them (along with T's sheets), so of course, we got painting.

Happy little painter
And yes, we did let him do all the initial painting (my job was clean-up)

Our initial 4 colors...'BL' is my favorite at this point

I already have ideas for a rug and certain things to go on the wall, can't wait to get them ordered but am trying to not spend ALL our money in one month...

To say this is a project is an understatement but SO much fun.  Of course I say that with the majority of the work ahead of me.  Brent and I have already argued about how to clean out the closet (there are baby boy clothes in there which Brent is adamant we get rid of because he is DONE having babies...which prompted me to almost burst into tears because I am NOT done...but maybe we should have this baby first?!?!), and I still have to actually clean out the room and closet, paint the room, move all the furniture into it, and decorate it...after finishing the plan.

And then?  Onto Baby Gurl's nursery!  Oy!


Kelly said...

I like the S color. It seems more neutral and not as dark which I think will be a little much on all 4 walls. But then again I am not in the room. As for the sheets?? You guys are crazy! ha! I am going to be the worst mom because I would just make him sleep on the constructions ones Janet bought. {Grin}

The Mrs. and The Momma said...

That looks like fun...but a lot of work! Kuddos to you for having the energy to do it!

I'm so excited for you to be having a girl! I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly. And I totally know the feeling of not being "done" yet with having children....obviously. But now I do have the feeling. We're done. :)