Friday, July 1, 2011

The One Where I Bore You With Cake Decorating Details

Back before I was a mom (although I was technically prego and didn't know it - ha), we went to our friends' (Ryan and Rhonda) daughter's (Macey) first birthday party.  Rhonda made Macey's cake, and it was SO good.  (The little present was Macey's smash cake.  Cute idea, right?)  A little part of me thought Rhonda was crazy to put the pressure on herself to make the cake herself.

Happy birthday, Macey!

But then I made a giant cupcake for Trent's first birthday.  And it felt special that I made it (easy and failproof as it was).  And I could understand why Rhonda made Macey's cake.  (And has continued to do so.)

When party planning began for Trent's party, and we knew we were doing a rockstar theme (homie loves himself the guitar), I started to wonder if maybe I could make his cake again.  Enter Wilton.  The apparent 'go to' for cake decorating.  I had never heard of them before.  Given my lack of cake decorating (ha) that's no surprise.

Whoa.  Inspiration!

I went to Michael's, Hobby Lobby and a local cake bake shop.  And I learned there are a jillion supplies you can buy.  And I wanted them all. {grin}

Fresh out of the oven.

I wasn't worried about baking the cake, but I was stressed about decorating.  I bought decorator icing, bags, special tips, food coloring, I was technically ready to go.  Then Dena suggested I not make the cake look exactly like a guitar (color-wise) but make it the colors of the invitation.  Genius.  BUT I had already mixed the brown icing for a trial run.  Enter sugar sprinkles.

The trial run

So obviously there were some issues with this cake. {grin}  Auntie K Dub and Uncle Sky came over to help.  And we learned that icing won't stick to the top of sugar (we were mainly using the sprinkles to decide if we liked the colors), but not only that, it is WAY hard to make those lines straight and not break.  Then another trip to Hobby Lobby yielded 'sugar sheets'.  Literally sheets of paper that are edible!  Genius!

The final product

Patty came over early before the party to help with the real cake, and we took everything we learned from the trial run and made a beautiful cake (if I do say so myself).  The bummer was that the red icing tasted wonky and Trent destroyed the blue part, so everyone got to eat wonky tasting cake.

BUT it was beautiful!  And a new obsession was born.  I plan to make birthday cakes for my babies for years to come!  And Rhonda and I are going to a decorator class in August.  Nerdy?  Check!  So excited?  Check, check!!


The Blogivers said...

Love All in One Bakeshop! That place has everything. The cake looks great!

Val said...

good for you...that's crafty! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed & thinking what cakes I can get you to make for me :) Allison

plauschinat said...

Fantastic job! I'm quite impressed.

Irishenchantment said...

wow this looks so good cant wait to see what further cakes you come up with!

shel xx

Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

I'm so impressed! The cake turned out great!

(ps getting caught up)