Sunday, June 13, 2010

Review: SATC 2

I also recently saw 'Sex and the City 2' with Dena. I absolutely loved the TV series and the first movie. I thoroughly enjoyed SATC 2, but it definitely wasn't in the same league as the show and first movie. It was still very witty and heart-warming (I love the bond those girls have), but the storyline was just silly. I think if it was 30 minutes shorter, it would have been much better - there were several times I was thinking 'Why are they showing this?' I don't think I'll buy it or watch it EVERY time it's on HBO (like I do with the first movie), but it was a fun time. Rating: B/B+

P.S. - I've had several people say they want to borrow my copy of Bree Tanner. BUT if you just click her name, it's an ONLINE book that you can read for FREE!!!! Enjoy (but it's only online until July 5)!


Heather Sullivan said...

I just bought the book and am loving it so far!

Dena said...

Hard to believe you didn't blog just on the mommie gripe session...that scene actually made the entire movie worth the money!

Gerry Walter said...

Mmmmm - havent seen it yet - but would like too!


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