Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boat Cruise

Big step - this weekend we went out on a party boat on Lake Austin and got a baby sitter (my parents) for Trent. Dez put the trip together for the 2nd year, but this was our first year to go (38 weeks pregnant + hot TX heat + boat = NO GO). We had such a great time!

Girls in the water
Me and my sweetie (Yes, I'm wearing a 'Mom' tankini)
Our entire group before dinner at Hula Hut (yum!)
Can't wait for next year!


Katie said...

forget the mom tankini.. I'm more concerned with the fact that you are drinking a wine cooler ;) hehe j/k

A Real Housewife said...

looks like you all had fun! so bummed we missed this trip.

Allena said...

To defend myself - my hubby went to the store and said he'd just buy me something and came home with wine coolers. I was hoping no one would notice. I had an AWESOME 'Texas Tea' w/ dinner that I think made up for my wimpy wine cooler. :)

STACEY said...

How FUN!