Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rebooting Me

Brent is a wonderful husband and is SO the ying to my yang. I have a tendency to be overly dramatic, high-maintenance and a little crazy (it really should have been no surprise that I developed post-partum anxiety). Brent is a very calming influence on me who helps put the rational back into my day. Since becoming a mother, I've had a hard time balancing my time. My marriage and myself have taken a backseat to being a mom. Luckily, my husband has been so understanding throughout the last year. I'm working on that balance because everyone in my family will be much better off with a balanced mommy. With that said, and with a little nudge from the hubs, I'm hoping this blog becomes a little more balanced too. I love taking pictures of Trent and will continue to post them like crazy but want to share other sides of my life that are re-emerging. (It also helps that I left my camera at my sister's house, so no new pictures until I get it back.) Bear with me as I go through some growing pains. {grin}


Katie said...

Balance is so so hard for me too! Especially the blogging aspect too! Sometimes its just easier to post some pictures and talk about Molly then it is post something about ME and who I am.

Emily and J.B. said...

great idea, hubby brent! i think the struggle of balance is always hard and one I am constantly working on. I am going to take the idea and try to apply it to my own blog (which usually just gets updated monthly with Wyatt's stats).