Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Books aka Library Dork

I am a huge nerd when it comes to books. Reading is my favorite pasttime. I would choose to read over (almost) anything. My friend, Allison, and I have dates to the libraries (yes, plural - with the TexShare program you can belong to any public library in the state of TX for FREE!!!!). Having a baby has not changed my love for books, it has just changed how much time I can devote to reading. And now I also spend a considerable amount of time reading mommy books/magazines. But here are a few gems I read recently that I wanted to pass long.

Dean Koontz: Velocity
I have been reading his books since middle school, and each book is so unique. Velocity was no different. It was SO creepy, I couldn't read too much of it while alone! I also love that no matter the turmoil, his stories always have a happy ending. The good guys always win! Rating: A

Sophie Kinsella: Twenties Girl
I loved the Shopaholic series and have loved all of Sophie's other novels. This one was no different. In fact, it might be my favorite of her books. Twenties Girl was so heartwarming and was just a fun, fun story! Rating: A+

Jane Green: Second Chance
I've only read a few Jane Green books but really look forward to picking up more of hers. Another book that tugged on my heart strings but was overall SO good! Rating: A


A Real Housewife said...

thanks for the good reads. i'm running low!