Monday, June 7, 2010

Review: Babies

I finally saw Babies over Memorial Day weekend, and let me tell you guys - it was SO cute! I loved everything about it. I loved how unique the premise was, I loved that there was no narration (it really was as simple as just watching the babies grow), I loved the music, I loved how funny and sentimental it was, I loved how cute the babies were. All in all - I LOVED IT! I think it might have struck more of a chord with me because it's about the 4 babies first year of life, which is what I'm right in the middle of. There were parts I was laughing so hard (particularly one scene where the Japanese baby girl kept pitching a tantrum while playing with her toys) I was crying. It was really neat seeing how similar babies are no matter the environment but also seeing how DIFFERENT the environments could be. Overall, I'd give it an A+ and can't wait to see it again!