Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yum, Yum, Eat 'Em Up!

We started Trent on cereal last week - he has been watching us eat with a lot of interest lately, but I wanted to wait until 6 months. He still doesn't quite have the hang of it, but it's so fun! I went a little overboard on the pictures, but with such a cute subject, can you blame me?

I'm ready! Give me my food!
Seriously? This is what you're giving me? Where are my french fries?!?!

This is NOT as tasty as what you guys eat!

Okay, I'll try it again...

Maybe it will taste better if I chew on my fingers, too.

Nana's turn

We'll start fruit and veggies next week. You can count on fun pictures from that too!


KristenW said...

Well he knows Auntie KW will give him a burger again. Those pics are so precious. Lil Man is growing up!