Monday, January 25, 2010

Card Carrying...

...nurser! I just love the Milk Bank more and more.

I got this card and thought it was too cute. Apparently, it's the law that a woman be allowed to nurse in public. Seeing that made me think. I have nursed Trent in public and have a super cute nursing cover. But it's still awkward. As Trent gets bigger, he likes to grab the cover and pop his head up randomly. If I haven't already exposed myself, I wouldn't be surprised if I do someday. While I know it's totally normal to need to nurse in public, it's still not my favorite thing in the world, and that is kind of sad. I wonder what it will take to make all women comfortable to nurse in public? What's the most unique place you've nursed? Mine would have to be Alcatraz!


Val said...

My son had terrible Reflux so he never latched on...exclusively pumped for over 8 months...most unique place to my car during my sister's bachelorette party & upstairs at a wedding I was in! Nursed daughter in restaurant (w/ cover of course) while ordering my food...felt strange and a little embarassed b/c I know that poor young waiter knew what I was doing...but also felt like a great mommy. Either gotta do the "unique place" thing at some point!!