Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steam of Consciousness

I am copying MckMama with this. It is just such a fun way to jot things down (since this is supposed to be an online journal and all).

Trent fell off our bed yesterday. Bad mommy for leaving him up there while I brushed my hair and teeth. He is okay, but I learned a big lesson. :) We picked a 'school' for him (not going to call it daycare). I am really pleased with what we chose. Similar to buying a house and finding my wedding dress (although infinitely more important) - I just KNEW it was the right place. Was pumping at work on Tuesday, Controller of client almost walked in. Can we say awkward as I tried to put myself back together knowing he was just outside the door? Planning for a trip to Dallas this weekend for cousin Connor's FIRST birthday. Time flies! In my car with be my parents, my sister, Miles and Trent. I hope we survive. ;) Picked a convertible car seat for Trent. How is he old enough for that? Forgot Tuesday's Top 10 this week, will remember for next week. Going to do Top 10 songs. Pumping right now at work. Wonder if the people in the offices around me wonder what that noise is? How is your day?


Anonymous said...

Yay...I am glad you found a school for Trent that you are comfortable with and know is right! I know this will be hard but think of all the friends Trent will make! :) Love you!