Thursday, June 25, 2020

Amazon Lately

I know this post is just ridiculous, but I thought it would be fun to share my last 10 Amazon purchases. I got this idea from Mix & Match Mama, but as to be expected, I have no affiliate links or anything - just liked this silly idea.

First up, my coffee pods!
I do not like strong coffee, and this is their mildest blend.
I add a lot of nutpods, some sweetener {depending on how healthy I'm being, it could be Stevia or honey ha}, and some water.

Trent's red cream for his MTHFR - a MUST HAVE

We got 2 of these sets to build Trent's bookshelf.
I have the pipes put together, and I hope Brent and I put it up this weekend.

This amazing acne treatment!

Trent earned some money from Brent's parents,
and used it to buy this book. Can't hate on that!

The girls picked these little mini-houses with their earnings ha.

We are always losing goggles, so I got this set of 2 and 2 more pairs from our grocery store. These are SO much better and only $12.99!

I've read about how good xylitol is for healing cavities,
trying it out with the kids who inherited my bad teeth.

The girls needed new water shoes for all our summer adventures.
Drew picked these whale ones.

And, of course, Paige picked PINK and unicorns and hearts.

I also got myself a pair of lightweight trail and water shoes.

What have you bought lately?


Kathryn Bagley said...

Love your water shoes! Those are cute! I'd wear them just with shorts and a tank around town too

Emily said...

I buy very little from amazon but my last 3 purchases are notable because they are so good. 1) a full body swim rashguard for Carson that zips from neck to feet 2) a JJCole outdoor blanket that we take to the pool everyday and really does wipe clean and 3) these beautiful clips that turns any bra into a Razorback which work amazing with my bravado nursing bras.