Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Currently: Cousins

Current Book

Current Song

Another Jazzercise find! BLUE by Tiesto

CurrenTV Show

After finishing The Pacific, I started this one! Only 20 years late ha.

Current Podcast

I'm making my way through my backlog of The Office Ladies.
I'm almost caught up to where they are now,
and I'm currently listening to the Casino Night episode, and I'm dying.
I have a long list of other podcasts I wanto listen to,
so next month I'll hopefully have something else to say!

Current Drink

Guys, I am really loving my Nespresso concoction.
So much so that I almost never even think about getting a chai.

Current Food

I made French toasthis morning, 
so I just had a yummy 'sandwich' with bacon and syrup in the middle.
And no, weight loss isn't going well right now ha.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

astruggling with food! I will be lucky tstay flat this month, ugh.

Current Outfit

Workout clothes, rinse & repeat

Current Celebrity Crush

am ready for July 3 and seeing Hamilton witthe original cast!!!

Current Mood

traded a kid with Pattand have the girls and she has the boys.
It's so fun watching the girls platogether, but it's also loud and messy,
so I'm happy and tired in equal measures!

Current Anticipation

Someone turns 11 next week!!!!!!

Current Wishlist

Working on growing our library and toys witdiverse characters.

Current Film

I have basically given up on going ta theater in 2020.
Allison, want to come over and we can rent something here???

Current Picture

Happy birthday, Babs!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Miss my movie buddy. -AP

Natasha said...

AAAAAHHHH!!! You're watching Band of Brothers!!!!! I have The Pacific on hold at the library :)

Emily said...

I really loved Band of Brothers; I should watch it again. Also I’m sorry you are in a weight loss slump. I was killing it the first half of this month and now I’ve hit a rough spot where Carson isn’t sleeping and so I’m not sleeping and tired emily has less willpower and yada yada.