Thursday, June 11, 2020

Homeschool is DONE! 2019-2020

We've been out of school officially for 2 weeks now, but I kept forgetting to take pictures and document the end of school, so I finally got the kids to sort of brush their hair {Drew and Trent} or put on pants {Paige} for me to take a picture. {grin}

Trent and Drew have been home since February 21 {due to chicken pox}, so they spent just a little more than half the year in their actual classrooms. That's really depressing!

Trent finished up his 2nd year of upper elementary, 5th grade, with Mr. Blackburn. Honestly this was probably one of Trent's worst years of school behavior and attitude wise. I continue to be so thankful for being in a Montessori school and for the patience of Mr. Blackburn. He and Trent generally get along and have a similar sense of sarcastic humor. Trent did well academically in school this year, all the comments we received in his end of year report related to his behavior/attitude/willingness to participate, etc. He seemed to work through all the homeschooling work pretty easily, which was nice. Here's hoping we can go back to school in the fall and that it's a better year for Trent!

Drew finished up her first year of lower elementary, 1st grade, with Mrs. Worcester, and she rocked it. She loves Mrs. Worcester, loves her class, and loves school in general. While homeschooling she was consistently doing 2nd grade work. She is reading really well and is getting better at her math facts and word problems. It took a lot more work to get her homeschool lessons completed - she just needed more help than Trent did to get through a lesson. She will be ready to get back to school once we go back {hopefully, please God!}.

Paige moved from Casita to Children's House during this school year and moved into Trent's old teacher's class {Ms. Jody} who we LOVE so much. I was so sad we didn't get to finish out our last school year at CMS, but I think/hope it'll make it easier for Paige to move over to Goodwater in August. As anyone who knows Paige would expect, she had a great year and was a bright spot in her classes. Ms. Jody sent us a note at the end of the year and commented on Paige's sparkle. Gosh, I'll miss her and CMS, but I'm excited to have all 3 kids at the same school.

Here's hoping we have a great summer!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I cannot believe Trent will be in 6th grade next year! How is that possible?? Yay for summertime :)

Natasha said...

Yes, what a weird end to the school year. Aren't you so happy they are all done though?!?!?!

I've already told the kids they will need to "dress nicely" for their last day of school pictures. However they still have another two weeks left. Ugh. Ontario taking forever to finish up school -- as usual :)