Friday, June 26, 2020

The End of the Curly Girl Experiment

I mentioned last month I was going to try the 'curly girl' method with my curly/wavy hair.

After 1 month, here's what I've decided:

1) I definitely liked the way my curls look when I follow the steps for curly girl. I can get some really good curls, it's soft, and I was able to get rid of the 'crunchy' look.
2) I didn't follow it 100% - like sorry I'm not buying a silk pillowcase - but I followed it pretty darn closely, and it was easy to follow!
3) Where I struggled was day 2 onward hair - I thought it looked tangled and frizzy after sleeping on it or exercising {maybe I do need a silk pillowcase ha}. It got better if I got my hair re-wet and styled it again, but it didn't look quite as good as day 1.
4) I got a lot of compliments when I saw people, so that was fun!
5) The first couple of times I fixed my hair, it kept getting a little curlier as I figured the method out a little more, but then it got to a pretty standard look of medium curliness.

So what's the verdict?

I've decided there is a time and place for curly hair for me, and after a month of curly hair...I washed, blow dryed, and straightened my hair last night, ha. I really did like how it looked curly and liked that I found a way to wear it that defined my curls better and was still super easy...but the way it looked on days 2 onward and the fact that it just felt super tangly wasn't for me. So I guess I'll just continue to straighten it most days and fight that curl and frizz in the Texas humidity, but I'm glad I tried it!


Emily said...

I bet that $80 silk pillowcase would have been a game changer (jk lol). I’m glad you tried something new and fun for your hair even if you didn’t stick with it