Monday, June 22, 2020

Alphabet of Isolation

A is for Alcohol

Essential needs during quarantine {grin}

B is for Baking

We've baked bread and muffins during quarantine,
and the girls loved getting to do it.

C is for Cousins!

We were so excited when we could see the cousins.

D is for Driveway Fun!

It was so fun to make this chalk art.

E is for Easter!

We tried to still enjoy the day as a family,
and I'd say we succeeded!

F is for Forty!

Brent turned 40 during quarantine. We tried to celebrate as best as we could.

G is for Golf Cart Rides!

We are taking lots of family rides on the golf cart.

H is for Haircut!

I'm proud that I was able to cut Trent's hair without making him look ridiculous.

I is for Inflatable!

We are definitely getting our money's worth out of this inflatable bouncer.

J is for Jazzercise!

So thankful Jazzercise has still been available.

K is for Kids!

If I have to be stuck at home, I'm glad it's with these 3 kids.

L is for Lupinus Texensis!

Mother Nature gave us a beautiful year of bluebonnets to start quarantine.
We enjoyed seeing them throughout March and April.

M is for Mother's Day

I went on a hike with the kids on Mother's Day,
and Brent grilled steaks. Great day!

N is for Nature!

We've been exploring a lot of nature.
Definitely another plus to being 'stuck' at home without our usual activities.

O is for Online Learning!

We spent quarantine doing school online.
Parts of it were quite enjoyable - like doing your work in your pjs!

P is for Porchtraits!

I love the family photos we took on our porch.
I ordered them on canvas and should get them in July, can't wait!

Q is for Quality Time!

LOTS and LOTS of time together as a family!

R is for Riding!

Our bike riding game has been super strong during quarantine.
Drew learned how to finally ride a bike, and Paige is rocking her balance bike.

S is for Swinging!

We've spent a lot of time on our backyard swing.

T is for Teeth!

Drew has lost 3 teeth in quarantine.

U is for UV Rays!

The weather has been beautiful, 
so we're enjoying our mild spring as much as we can.

V is for Virtual!

We did a lot of virtual chats with our family, friends, and dance.

W is for Watch!

After wanting an Apple Watch for years, I decided to do it during quarantine.
I love it so much and am so happy I finally got it!

X is for eXcellent Grandparents!

Brent's parents surprised the kids with a little parade about a month into quarantine.
They were SO excited to see their grandparents and to get snacks!

Y is for Yoga!

Z is for Zoom!

Love it or hate it, we all spent a lot of time on Zoom.
I have even had a few HH with 2 blog friends, Emily and Natasha. Yay!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Very clever to get the whole alphabet in!

Emily said...

Yay for Zoom! I had a hearty chuckle over K. I know that I’m lucky to be in quarantine with my husband and kids, but in true “grass is always greener” fashion, I daydreamed constantly about quarantine without children. Quiet, uninterrupted, bliss.