Tuesday, October 29, 2019

DiTL: October 24, 2019

I had ever intention of getting back onto a quarterly DiTL schedule...and that didn't happen ha. I have been intending to do this since July and I always forget to start taking pictures when I wake up. I thought about doing this on Friday when the kids were eating breakfast, so I went with it!

***************Friday, October 24, 2019***************

Brent is 39 {almost 39 1/2}
Allena is 39
Trent is 10
Drew is 6 3/4
Paige is 2 3/4

1:30 AM - Paige comes into our room, but it's easy to direct her back to her room since Trent is sleeping in there for the first time EVER!

6:30 AM - Alarm goes off! Paige is NOT on our floor because Trent slept in her room last night - she has ended up on a pallet on our floor every night since coming out of her crib. I fondly remember these days with Drew. I get ready for the day - exercise clothes since I'm going to jazzercise - and head to the kitchen.

6:40 AM - Make breakfast for the kids and pack lunches. I try to do at least some of the lunch packing the night before which is a big help. 3 lunches is no joke!

6:50 AM - Wake the children! Drew and Paige are always much easier to get up than Trent.

Trent is starting some new vitamins but they haven't come yet - we met with his MTHFR specialist on Thursday - so we just upped his normal meds and added more Omega-3.

7:05 AM - Time to get dressed. Paige's room is a disaster with us adding couch cushions for Trent to sleep on and her crib half apart. I can't wait to change rooms now!

7:25 AM - Everyone was relatively easy to get dressed this morning! Start loading children into the car.

7:30 AM - We're off!

It was super dark and cloudy this morning, so it felt like we left super early!

We play the song game on the way to school - they call out to claim the first song. It's always either Trent or Drew since Paige gets whatever she wants on the way to her school, but Paige always calls out 'I've got second!' no matter what is going on.

7:40 AM - Get to Trent and Drew's school and drop them off.

7:55 AM - Arrive at Paige's school and wait in the line, which opens at 8:00 AM.

8:05 AM - I'm on my way to Jazzercise! About half of the time, neighbor/friend Susie calls after dropping her boys off, and today was one of those days! We mindlessly chat while I drive to Jazz.

8:15 AM - Arrive at Jazzercise and get my groove on. I'm able to finish the 8:00 AM class and do half of the 9:00 AM class before I need to head home for conference calls. Learn in class I'm at 100 classes! Think I can do 50 in 2 months to get the tank top??? I'm going to try ha!

*Picture taken at night when I realize my morning picture was blurry.*

9:40 AM - Get on the phone. Stay on it for a LONG time.

11:30 AM - Finally off the phone, I make a cup of Nespresso and move to the couch to work for a little while. More work and phone calls.

1:15 PM - Decide to splurge on a Chipotle salad, so I listen to my audiobook {relistening to the Game of Thrones series since I still have 1 book to read}.

1:25 PM - Heading back home with a yummy salad!

1:40 PM - Continue working, eat, continue working.

2:45 PM - Time to get the kiddos! I didn't finish a report I needed to get out, but I'm going to go to my parents' house - they are keeping my sister's kids - so I load up my laptop knowing I can finish it there. I also take Trent's medicine - we had briefly talked about me keeping the girls and my mom keeping the boys, so I figure it's better to be safe than sorry. I started listening to the Office Ladies podcast, and it's a delight!

*Not sure why these screen shots are blurry but too lazy to care.*

3:05 PM - Waiting to get Miss P! The line looks long but it goes fast. I do need to be back on the road by 3:15 to make sure I'm at T&D's school on time. I haven't been late yet this year, but it's a stressor for me!

3:25 PM - Make it to T&D's school. P was taking WAY TOO LONG to get in the car, so I let her ride in Drew's seat on the way, so now I spend the time in the line getting her actually into her own seat.

3:35 PM - Got my 2 big ones and we're off to Babs and Pops' house!

4:05 PM - Arrive! Cousins are all very happy to see each other. I bust out my laptop to finish working, and my mom makes me a delightful drink of peach vodka and Fresca.

5:00 PM - Lots of playing! And my mom and I do agree on a kid swap. Drew has her tap lesson at 6:30, so we need to leave before 5:45 so we can grab her clothes.

5:45 PM - I leave with Blair, Drew, and Paige. Traffic is heavy and we barely get home to get her dance clothes and up to dance by 6:30.

6:35 PM - Class starts! Blair wants to watch so we get the okay from the owner to sit in on class. Drew's normal teacher is at a function for her son, so the owner is teaching.

My tiny tapper!

7:00 PM - Paige is being a distraction, so I leave with Blair and Paige. We end up in Paige's classroom and play with some of the goodies.

7:45 PM - We get back home, and Brent has picked up some food.

7:55 PM - Tell Paige it's almost her bedtime. That doesn't go over well.

8:00 PM - The girls start watching The Princess and the Frog. I get Paige ready for bed, and the big girls are anxious for me to put her to bed so they can watch something cooler.

8:40 PM - Negotiating to get some Skittles from Dad.

Everyone in their pajamas and about to put P to bed.

8:50 PM - Reading time with Paige. This is super late for her, but having a cousin here is extra special, so I let her stay up.

9:35 PM - The upside is we read books, sing songs, and she's asleep by 9:30. With her coming out of the crib, I've been staying in her room until she falls asleep. I keep reminding myself this is a season, and it was really traumatic for her to come out of the crib - don't understand why but it was. Sometimes it takes a longer time than others with me in the room.

10:00 PM - I let the big girls stay up a little longer and then we get them situated. They play musical rooms for a little while but finally end up with Blair in Drew's bed and Drew in a sleeping bag on the floor.

10:30 PM - I'm reading in bed and am super exhausted! I can't remember when I fell asleep, maybe around 11:30?

And yes, without Trent there to sleep in her room, we got a little middle-of-the-night visitor.

My view the next morning!

Another fun edition of a Day in the Life! Here's hoping I can get a little more consistent in 2020.


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun girls night! Yea P was not happy when you told her it was time for bed..ha!

Natasha said...

I'm so sorry the bed transition with P has been so hard. That's exhausting for everyone.

One thing I'm realizing is that your kids are at school for a very long time -- about an hour and fifteen minutes longer than my kids. Maybe this is why you get such long summers!

Emily said...

Can you mom come up and make me peach vodka and fresca??? And whew, bed transitioning is exhausting; I hope we don't have an regression when we combine the boys' rooms in a month. We've never setup an alternate bed situation in our room so when the kids come in (rare: once a month at most), they are in our bed and I ended up kicked in the stomach and punched in the face because my kids are busy-moving sleepers. Blegh.