Monday, November 4, 2019

October Happenings

We had a lot of fun in October, and I want to remember these seasons of life with my little family!

We had Observation week in dance! So fun to watch what my girls are up to.

Paige got to 'help' in Drew's lyrical class.

International Festival at P's school 

Fall festival at Papa's church - this pic killed me!
Drew wasn't feeling well, so she and I missed out, boo. 


Superheroes - Koozie Girls!


Drew had her first horseback riding lesson and LOVED it!

Fall festival in our neighborhood 

More horses

Not pitching a fit, 
but her chosen position for showing off her Halloween outfit.

Amelia Earhart presentation for Riddle Day
{Our schools don't dress up for Halloween but do a presentation about a famous person who did good things}
We recycled her Skye aviator hat, ha.

Last but not least, HALLOWEEN!!!

Trent refused to pose with the kids, so I had to sneak this.

I love these action shots!
~   Zombie   ~   Mal from Descendants   ~   Butterfly   ~


Kathryn Bagley said...

Love all the fall activities!