Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Things I'd Like to Learn

Do you ever see people {usually online} who DO all these great things? Like they seem to have 27 hours in a day and lots of time to create or be interesting? When I describe myself, which I have to do a lot at work when I talk to new people in the group I support, I always say 'I workout because it's good for me and not because I like it, I love to read, and I love to go to the movies.' That's it! LAME.

I have a lot of things I'd like to learn how to do...someday. I know part of the problem is the season of life we're in. It isn't super easy to be gone for lessons for various things with 3 children at home. We're also spending a lot of our disposable money on activities for those said 3 children. Add in a full-time job, a husband, a home...etc. and it's tough! 

Nevertheless, here are the activities I'd love to learn!


My mother-in-law sews all kinds of amazing stuff. She makes pillows {OMG she's making these ADORABLE Santa pillows for her church craft fir this year and I am SO buying some!}, clothes for herself, dresses for the girls...you name it, she can sew it. She even gave me a sewing machine YEARS ago...and we've used it for ONE project. Womp, womp. I have a few friends who have said they are interested too, and I've gone so far as to look for sewing classes nearby but I haven't had much luck...


My granny was a knitter when I was a little girl. It always seemed like an old lady activity but now it's cool to knit, ha. Drew learned to finger knit in her kindergarten class, and I have my eye on some finger knitting books/supplies for her for Christmas. I thought it would be fun if she and I took an actual knitting class and learned together?? There's a local place that looks to have classes, so I just need to figure out if Drew is old enough and get us some supplies.


I've always wanted to learn to play the guitar and the fiddle. I took piano lessons for about 9 years and flute lessons through school for 7. I'm never going to be a star at any instrument, but I enjoy music so much! For some reason, this one makes me nervous? I actually made one of my college roommates call a place in college - that's how long I've wanted to learn! - and ask questions about taking lessons - why does this embarrass me??


I can do a few fun things with my hair, but I don't think it ever looks great. I can french braid - including my bangs, and I can curl my hair using a curling iron. I see girls who do all kinds of funky braids that I'm very jealous of because mine are pretty sloppy. And I have tried numerous times to curl my hair with my straight iron and FAIL miserably. It would be nice just to have a few more tricks up my sleeve - especially if some of those tricks involved when my hair is super dirty, ha!


This is super lame, but I don't know how to do a smoky eye! I have some basic ways I put on eye makeup, but I want to know how to do a really dramatic look. I just need to spend some time with YouTube I'm sure! I actually bought some new mineral colors, and I'd like to be able to do something by Brent's work holiday party, so this one I can hopefully accomplish sooner rather than later.

I'm thinking at least one of these needs to be on my Goals for 2020??


StephTheBookworm said...

Sewing is definitely one of my learning priorities because I feel like it's fun but also such an important skill! Knitting has definitely become cool LOL. I've never heard of finger knitting!

Erika said...

Well, if you make "learn to do cool braids" one of your top goals for next year, THEN you'll have a new reason to work out!! "I lift weights so that my arms are strong enough to practice braiding my own hair." because for real, every time I decide to try to learn to do something to my own hair (new braid or curling method), I end up quitting because my arms are so freaking tired!!!! So those goals/hobbies need to go hand in hand!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

I'd really like to take a cookie decorating class. My favorite dessert is decorated cookies!! I mean I'd probably eat them all but it would be fun creating cute cookies.

Emily said...

This is a fun list! My grandmother taught me sewing as a kid and I made this beautiful quilt but never stuck with it; I don't have the patience although it is quite therapeutic. For hair & make-up, I'd do a search on Kate's blog ( https://www.thesmallthingsblog.com/ ); there's already 6 posts on the smokey eye alone and her videos are top notch.

Natasha said...

I have my grandpa's violin and I've taken lessons a couple of times but I'd love to take them for real and get good at it.

Also, I also feel lame when I say, "Um... I read a lot and I walk." Exciting times :)