Monday, October 14, 2019


Man oh man...this little girl of mine is giving us a run for our money with this crib transition. So while I go slightly crazy from all the crying and lack of sleep, I have compiled a recent list of funny things she has said - she is SO funny!

And a few fun reminders that she used to be such a sweet sleeper...

One day when I picked her up from school and asked her how her day was, she responded 'I didn't do my homework.' This cracked me up for so many reasons. First, she's in preschool and second, she's at a Montessori school - neither of those result in homework, ha!

She loves to put makeup on. She stole some of my eye shadows and keeps it in the playroom. She wanted to put makeup on me the other day and gave me an old baby monitor {which she calls her phone} and told me I could watch play-doh {what she calls her movies on YouTube} while she did my makeup.

I asked Paige one morning 'Do you want pancakes for breakfast?' to which she replied 'I want candy and ice cream!' Don't we all, baby girl, don't we all!

She has turned into Drew when it comes to creative names for songs. She kept talking about the song about high school. I figured out she was referring to 2 songs - The One That Got Away by Katy Perry that starts with the lyrics 'The summer after high school when we first met' and The Long Way Around by The Dixie Chicks that starts with 'My friends from high school, married their high school boyfriends'. Drew actually helped me figure both of those out!

At dance, Paige was waving around a magic wand and saying 'Boppity boppity woo!'

She chops the 's' off a lot of words that start with an s and another consonant. Like smell is mell, stink is tink, skunk is kunk - too cute!

She was pooping the other day and was talking about her 'poop-gina'!

She was playing with this little pretend house where she can crawl through the door and one side looks like the inside of a house and the other is outside. She usually pretends it's her ice cream shop and she'll call out 'Ice cream for sale!' But she loves to ring the door bell and calls it the ding bell!

Drew has several fingerlings, one of them being a panda named Drew! Paige was holding it and said 'Panda, you smell!'

She told me the other day when we were snuggling in my bed after she woke up 'My eyes hurt. You are blowing your air on them.' So sorry for breathing!

In the car she was playing with this purple sloth that we got at the San Diego Zoo and she was pretending it was a crocodile. It alternated from kissing her baby to eating her baby???

On one of our nightmare evenings of putting her back in bed 100 times, she kept telling me about different parts that were hurting while she wailed. 'My knee huuuuuuurts!' 'My baby finger hurts!' 'My tooooooe hurts!' I told her her body parts hurt because she kept getting out of bed and her body was tired and needed sleep. She promptly followed that up with 'My body parts hurt! My body parts hurt!!!' 



Emily said...

"poop-gina" is by far my favorite!

Kathryn Bagley said...

How cute! My eyes hurt..bahahah!