Friday, October 4, 2019

Full Circle

Yesterday was a monumental day - Paige moved up from the Casita class to Primary! I cannot believe that Paigey is big enough to be moving up already. WATERWORKS! I'm so excited for her but it's also bittersweet, as is much of motherhood. {grin}

She has been in the same class for almost 2 years and truly LOVES her guide, Ms. Krystin. She's been really excited about moving up classes but occasionally would why she couldn't stay with Krystin, so cute. What I was most excited was she is going into Ms. Jody's class. Ms. Jody was Trent's guide for about a year and a half right when we started at CMS. Anyone who has been a long-time reader, can remember that this is when Trent was at his absolute worse, and Jody was so amazing with him. I love that woman! When we met last week with Jody and Krystin to talk about Paige's transition, the first thing she asked about was how Trent was doing. That made my mama heart so happy {especially as the first 6 weeks of school have not been Trent's best}.

Anyway, everyone agreed Paige was 100% ready to move up, and this week was a transition week. Jody came to visit Paige on Tuesday in Krystin's class, Paige went to Jody's class for a few hours in the morning on Wednesday, and Thursday she was officially in Jody's class!

We got a short and sweet text from Jody: Great first day! Fit right in :)

So excited for my littlest love! And now...a walk down memory lane.

First day of daycare ever! August 2017 - Nido class

First day of school August 2018 - Casita class

First day of school August 2019 - Casita class

The only downside is now I'm back to making THREE lunches every day. YUCK! But Paige was SO excited to carry a lunchbox like Trent and Drew, I guess it's worth it. I was nervous she would be upset about not carrying her backpack anymore {she LOVES her backpack} but the lunch situation made everything A-OK.

My life in one picture ha.


Kathryn Bagley said...

yay Paige! Growing up :)