Thursday, July 11, 2019

Freedom Fun

We had a really fun handful of days off celebrating the 4th of July! My company always gives us a 4-day weekend, and Brent front-loaded his hours, so we both had Thursday and Friday off, and then I took Monday off, so we really lived it up!

First, on Thursday, our neighborhood has a small parade, so we decorated our golf cart and rode in the parade.

I love that Paige's sparkler is covering Drew's face, ha.

We didn't win for best decorations on the cart, but we had fun riding around listening to patriotic music - Party in the USA anyone? I did try to get the Hamilton soundtrack going, but no one else was interested.

There was a pool party at the neighborhood pool, so we went up there after the parade.

Living her best life!

After naptime, we went to our neighbors' house {Karin and Kelby, who weren't there, ha, and where we went last year} with our other neighbors {Susie and Riley - Riley and Kelby are brothers} and had hot dogs and swam. Then we went to our house for sparklers!

I mean...

Friday...we chilled and had some tired kids!

Saturday, this girl and I had a mommy-daughter date!

Mississippi Mud Cake!

Saturday night, we went to a local restaurant with Brent's parents, called Dahlia's, that had outdoor seating, a small playground, and live music. They had a ton of shade, so it wasn't too hot, and we had a great time.

When you take your braid buns out!

Sunday we went up to the clubhouse for dinner and drinks with Riley/Susie and Karin/Kelby. Trent stayed at Brent's parents' house Saturday and Sunday night, so we just had the 2 girls!

When your friend loves your baby! LOVE.

Monday, I took the kids to a small, local water park near my parents' house. We had a great time and stayed about 5 hours. Paige skipped her nap and was a MESS when we left, so we went to my parents' after for a change of scenery.

I went back to work on Tuesday EXHAUSTED but happy! I was also really happy with all our outside time. With the exception of Friday, we way exceeded my 2-hours/day goal - Thursday was over 8 hours, Saturday was 2-3, Sunday was 2-3, and Monday was over 5! YAY!

We're going on a little mini-trip for a few days next week with Brent's mom, and we can't wait! Lots more swimming, fun, food, outside time, sunshine!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun weekend!! We need to catch up soon :)