Monday, July 8, 2019

Goal Update: Weight Loss...Has There Been Any?

It's kind of funny that I'm writing this post after a week of indulgence...ha. Gotta love American holidays that last longer than 1 day!

So long story short {that anyone who has been reading my blog for any amount of time knows} I gained a lot of weight after Paige was born from Zoloft and have struggled to lose it because I like sugar and alcohol and carbs. {grin} Last summer I did the Faster Way to Fat Loss [FWTFL], really liked it, and lost about 10 pounds but fell off the wagon and gained everything back, sigh. 

I made a 2019 goal of finally losing the weight. BUT 2019 started and kept going and kept going...and I wasn't doing much of anything {besides my new love for Jazzercise - found out yesterday I've hit 50 classes for the year!}. My BFF wanted to try FWTFL, and she signed up and we agreed to do it together. That was at the beginning of May. We both agreed that we wanted to find moderation and both knew that we were looking at goals that were LONG-TERM goals...we both want to lose a decent amount of weight and find some better balance in our lives. And we weren't doing it to harp on each other but to motivate each other and be in the trenches together.

So here we are halfway through 2019 and roughly 2 months into us doing FWTFL together. Have we been perfect? NOPE. Are we sticking with it? MOSTLY. Am I happy? YES!

I've lost probably 5 pounds - which yes, is kind of lame in almost 2 months but I want something SUSTAINABLE not something where I feel like I'm killing/starving myself and can't have any fun because that's when I go off the rails and fall face-first into a pile of sugar.

But I do feel really good about how things are going - I've had some days of enjoyment {or a week like this past week...oops} but have been able to much more easily get back on track.

Kristen and I send each other our macro screenshots at the end of the day and text basically every day about our non-scale victories {I got back into a pair of shorts I hadn't been able to wear in a while, for example}, and I feel like we're truly in this together and even closer as BFFs - which I didn't think was possible.

What I really like about FWTFL is that it really talks about being a lifestyle and not a fad. 3 of their sayings have really been mantras for me that I am really focusing on:

  • Progress, not perfection. I like that I can think about small changes and really celebrate those {Oh hey, I ate an extra vegetable today!} instead of beating myself up about the things I need to do better.
  • You don't have to be extreme. You just have to be consistent. THIS is really my struggle - I'm either all in or all out, and that's why I fail time-and-time-again. But I'm trying to really focus on the basic rules and letting all the other noise fall to the wayside.
  • Stop trying to skip the struggle. This really speaks to me because I want to find the quick fix. Well, guess what - getting 30+ pounds off isn't going to happen over night. I'm trying to use this time {whether it's 6 more months or a year or more} to really LEARN about myself and create a lifestyle I can maintain.
I have some goals for the end of each month, but I know if I don't hit them, it'll be okay. I'll probably do some more frequent updates now that I'm doing better with sticking to a program, here's hoping the rest of 2019 follows the last 2 months!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Proud of your persistence! I like those rules you posted..progress not perfection! so true!

Emily said...

Great job so far! Weight loss update posts are among my favorite because it reminds me I’m not alone in the struggle. It’s not easy and for people who make it look easy (my favorite “oh sometimes I forget to eat” or “when I’m stressed I have to work out”) I want to punch in the face haha