Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Currently: Transitions

Current Book

So July is not going to be my strongest month of books - lots of fluff.
Verity - I read a scathing review of it that actually made me want to read it. 
And Erika and I are going to have an email book club meeting about it.
Of Blood and Bone - you guys know I love Nora haha

Current Song

Woke Up Late by Drax Project - another jazzercise find!

Current TV Show

Continuing my quest to actually LEARN some history - 
instead of just read my historical fiction!

Current Drink

Did you know there is a frozen John Daly?
I need this ASAP.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I stole the big kids' donut holes when they came home from my in-laws.
They were good.  I don't feel that bad. {grin}

Current Outfit

I'm wearing one of my uniform outfits today - Magnolia tee and jean shorts.
Yes, I'm wearing a hoodie - it's cold in my house!
Also, my hair is clean which hasn't happened a lot lately - 
too much jazzercising!

Current Celebrity Crush

How does Brad Pitt continue to age so well???

Current Mood

DREAD. I'm feeling all sorts of dread.
Paige climbed out of her bed twice in the last week.
I think we're going to transition her out of the crib.
I hate this transition SO MUCH!

Current Anticipation

Bad anticipation - transitioning Paige
Good anticipation - Brent came up with a great plan for my birthday!

Current Wishlist

Now that we are planning to transition Paige [SOB],
it's time to rearrange all the rooms!
Which is exciting but is going to be a lot of work.
We need new furniture and bedding for Trent and Drew.
Poor Paige will get Drew's hand-me-downs for now.
THEN we will have to move everyone's stuff 
{clothes, toys, books...all of it},
possibly paint?, redecorate walls, organize.

So basically I need furniture and a lot of time!
Anyone want to come paint and organize? Ha!

Current Film

Brent is actually intrigued by this one too!
Might be able to get him INTO the theater...

Current Picture

This kid is something EXTRA.


Erika said...

Can't wait for email book club!!!! Hahaha!!! We've been doing some room rearranging, too- trying to make the babies' room look less like a guest room (with two cribs, haha) and a little more like actual children live there. But that means taking things out of Millie's room, and homegirl is NOT HERE FOR THAT.

Emily said...

Where/what was the scathing review of Verity?! I tried amazon but nothing looked too mean there. Also, where is this Brad Pitt/DiCaprio picture from? I keep seeing it pop up in blogs and instagram stories and I'm like... is this a movie???

Kathryn Bagley said...

If I lived closer I would come help you out! Can we have an email book club??