Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day After 11 Years of Marriage

I'm not a cynical person about holidays - I love most of them. However, Valentine's Day has never been one I felt was super important. Birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day...spoil me then for sure! But Valentine's Day has always felt like a day where you have to be romantic and go out and buy presents. The few times Brent and I have gone out {very, very early days} it was always so crowded and not really a fun event. So we usually keep it low-key.

This year, however, we took low-key to an all new low. Our text exchange yesterday at 12:30pm.

Allena: Happy Valentine's Day! [kissing/heart eye emojis] Cracking up that neither of us remembered. [laughing emoji]
Brent: Heart emoji, Kissy face emoji, Thumbs up emoji...etc.

We did manage to meet up at the end of the day {kids were spending the night at my parents' house since school was closed for President's Day but I had to work} and watch some Law & Order: SVU. Nothing spells romance like a nationwide manhunt for 2 escaped serial killers!


BG said...

Ridiculous money grab

Unknown said...

I agree. Couples should love on each other year round. Plus, it's the unexpected things that mean the most. :-)