Monday, February 22, 2016

That Time My Pants Tried to Kill Me...A Pedicure Story

This is going to be the most random post EVER, but it's a story funny enough that I want to remember it forever and hope you'll get a laugh too!

Settle in and let me set this story up - it's a doozy!

So Kristen and I went to get a pedicure on Sunday. It's a necessary pre-trip activity. I stupidly wore skinny jeans. Remember my 'Currently' picture from Sunday? What's funny is that I was wearing a different pair of jeans and switched into these. #stupid

So we get seated in our pedi chairs, and I realize {stupidly} I'm in skinny jeans. How am I going to roll them up? I asked myself. Well, I might have thick calves but surely I could get them up. I struggled for a minute but yup was able to get them up.

Kristen and I enjoyed our pedicures...lots of talking, laughing, gossiping. Then it came time to roll the pants down. And they weren't going down. AT ALL

The nail technician tried. 
I tried. 
We both tried. 
Kristen got up and tried. 
We all 3 tried.

I could feel my pulse in my calves. I was starting to sweat. I stood up, so we could try to pull them down. The nail technician got massage oil. We all 3 kept trying and trying and trying.

We were down to the option to cut the pants. But Kristen agreed to one last ditch effort to get the pants rolled down. We went into the bathroom and I took the pants off to see if Kristen could pull them down that way.

I sat down on the toilet, and Kristen began pulling. And she pulled. And she pulled. And we laughed. And I sweated. And she pulled. AND ONE LEG CAME DOWN! She almost pulled me off the toilet, but we got it down. And after some more effort, we got the other leg down.

I put my jeans back on, figured out that 4 toes needed to be repainted, I had nail polish on my jeans {Wouldn't that be so ironic if the pants got ruined from nail polish? But we got that off with nail polish remover.}, my calves were still throbbing... That's how all successful pedicures end, right?

Aaaaand how they look 24 hours later.

I must admit that if I had to have this happen, I'm glad Kristen was the one who got to help undress me, and I'm glad I got to share it with y'all!


the blogivers said...

Ohhhh no! This is such a stressful/awesome story! Ha! I'm glad it had a happy ending, though!

Kathryn Bagley said...

girl OMG!

Shannon Sentences said...

That is hysterical - thanks for sharing that funny on a dreary morning!

Erika said...

Ummmm I have been laughing about this for three days now. I always wondered what would happen if I forgot and wore skinny jeans to a I know, so I'll be sure to be EXTRA PARANOID!!!! Glad you survived!!

Karen Peterson said...

That's hilarious!

When I saw the picture from the Currently post, I was are you going to get a pedicure in those jeans?