Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grow Baby Grow {Drew} - 3 Years!

Drew's well check appointment was today at our new family clinic which I LOVE. Being the nerd that I am, I wish her appointment was closer to her birthday, but I guess this will have to suffice. Our normal doctor {nurse practitioner but that's a bit of a mouthful for a 3 year old} is 'Dr. Sellma' {Drew calls her Dr. Anna after Daniel Tiger...I die}, but we saw a different nurse practitioner today, Courtney. Drew was super confused about where Dr. Anna was.

That was a wee bit of a lead-up for a simple post about how our girl is growing, but you know - memories and all that jazz. Drew has had quite a year this year in terms of growth - super surprised by her stats!

Height: 37.7" {67%!!!!! She was 10% last year!}
Weight: 27.5 lbs. {14% - she was also 10% last year}
Diaper: Size 4 {only wearing at nap and bedtime, wakes up dry from nap about 1/2 the time}
Clothes: Mostly 24 months, some 18 months {dresses}, some 12 months {this one style of Carter's leggings we have that she LOVES}, some 2T
Shoes: 7.5 or 8

A lot has happened to Drew between 2 and 3. We moved, she stopped nursing, she changed classes at school, she finished potty training, she moved out of her crib {only recently...still dealing with the side effects of that} - a lot!

But a lot has stayed the same too. She still loves her Bubba the best {to the point of trying to sneak into his bed at all hours of the night}, and she is still my shadow. If I had a dollar for every time she asked me to hold her, I'd be rich!

She still loves to pick out her own outfits - we had battles over that for a long time but finally figured out what she likes to wear {1 of about 5 short-sleeved shirts, leggings, and either a skirt or tu-tu with her Stride Rite 'ballerina shoes' - and of course a onesie non-stop at home}.

She's still rear-facing in the car, but only because I keep procrastinating flipping her around - I did promise her at 3!

She is still an amazing eater. Today she ate broccoli {from Pops' garden}, tomatoes, 2 hard-boiled eggs, pecans, turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans, squirty fruits {squirty fruiters to her}...she amazes me with her willingness to try anything!

She is bossy and opinionated - I have no idea where that comes from! She has to do everything herself, she refuses to let me fix her hair {which she still twirls and plays with}, she definitely knows what she wants and how she wants it!

She loves to sing and dance. She loves Scooby Doo, Daniel Tiger, Minnie Mouse, Frozen. She loves to read. She loves to pretend. She is always 'shopping' in the pantry. She loves the iPad way more than I want her to, ha. She loves to help me cook. She loves to take a bath or shower.

Our biggest challenges right now are getting her to stay in her bed {but seriously about .1% as hard as it was with Trent} and when we tell her no or life doesn't go as she planned it. Ha!

Overall, she is a wonderful little girl, and everyone who knows her loves her. She is fun and funny and so lovable. She loves a good snuggle. She's the perfect combination of sassy and sweet!


Anonymous said...

She is a cutie!!! - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

Such a cutie!!

Karen Peterson said...

She's such a doll, and growing so much!

katie@tulsadetails said...

She's adorable! I wish I had advice one the bed thing. We've been dealing with that one for a good 3.5 months. I think my only hope of getting her to sleep past 6 is daylight savings time. Oy!