Sunday, January 24, 2016


Current Book

I just finished The Girl in the Spider's Web today. So good!
Now I need to figure out what I'll read next...

Current Song

I have been listening to this Queen song, Let Me in Your Heart Again, since last year when it was released {I have been a huge Queen fan since my early teen years}. It came up today when shuffling on my phone - I LOVE IT!!! 

Current TV Show

Downton Abbey! Season 6 is going great!

Current Drink

H2O - Whole 30 Round 2 started today, so it's back to lots and lots of water! I might have a kombucha later since that's about all I can drink besides water.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Maybe the number of times I checked my FitBit app today was a bit embarrassing...but so fun!

Current Outfit

Church outfit - sweater dress, leggings - I had riding boots on then though!

Current Celebrity Crush

I was so excited when Branson came back on Downton last week!

Current Mood

Worn out! {Is that a mood?} Today was a busy day - we spent the last part of the day at my parents' - they were keeping my sister's kids overnight so all 5 cousins got to play. Super fun but also super exhausting!

Current Anticipation

Drew's 3 year well-check is tomorrow! I know I am a total dork, but I love well-checks!

Current Film

Have the DVR set to record this off HBO - #7 {of 8} of the Best Picture nominees.
To be totally honest, I am not looking forward to this one...ugh.

Current Picture

We had to postpone our book club Christmas gift exchange until Friday.
Had a great dinner with some of my favorite ladies!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Can't wait to hear what you got at the exchange and who got your gift :) excited to hear about your whole 30 journey this go round!

Karen Peterson said...

Honestly, I HATED Mad Max. I'll be so mad every time it wins an award on Oscar Night, and it will probably win more than one.

Also, I'm only about halfway through the second ep of Downton Abbey, so I didn't know Tom is coming back but I'm SO glad!