Monday, May 11, 2015

My Mother's Day {Points for originality of title, no?}

Mother's Day can go a couple of different ways for me. Sometimes I spend time with my mom and sister and enjoy adult time away from the little monsters children who made me a mother. And I don't feel bad about that in the least. Okay maybe a little bit bad. {grin} Or I can spend time with those kiddos and soak in the preciousness that is my babies. Who don't realize it's a 'special' day {yeah right} and treat me like their normal pack mule, maid, chef, and source of entertainment. This Mother's Day was option 2, but it really was a good day. With a few AWESOME surprises from the hubs to make me feel extra loved.

My Mother's Day consisted of church with flowers and a blessing for all the moms {spoiler alert: I cried}, running errands with Trent {IKEA and Target}, a family walk, and our regular 'get ready for the week' routine. Pretty perfect if I do say so myself. Trent signed a card from both him and Drew {spoiler alert: I cried} and made me a craft project with his own poem. The card from Brent absolutely killed me.

To a normal wife, this would be because the husband doesn't know where anything is {oh hahaha wifey you are wonderful and do it all}. In our family, it is especially fitting because since the move many times Brent has asked me where something is, and I don't know. {Spoiler alert: LAST NIGHT I FOUND THE MISSING BOX WITH SOAP IN IT!!!!!!!}

What says I love mom more than a heart-shaped pizza?

 I wanted a family picture but that wasn't in the cards, so I was able to get a quick selfie with these 2 while we were eating.

Brent did also surprise me with a package to an amazing local spa, so I would say this was a pretty freaking awesome Mother's Day!


Chelsea said...

I love the heart pizza!! I am so jealous about IKEA :( ours is 4 hours away....
Happy Monday
Chelsea @

Kathryn Bagley said...

What a fun day! Is that papa john's? yum!!

Karen said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day! You deserve it!