Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Honey!...or Not {A Hodge-Podge Post}

Yesterday was Brent's birthday - the big 3-5!!! Let me show you how we celebrated.



Big-time wife fail - I've got some kind of bug and my throat has been on FIRE since Sunday, so we had to cancel our dinner reservation, and I went to bed at 6:30. My in-laws came over and took everyone else to dinner at a local burger joint so I could rest. SO thankful for great family.

I took a social media break last week {don't you love being able to schedule blogs} based on a request from the hubs. He thinks I'm addicted {I disagree} and wanted to see if I could do it. Well, I did! I still don't think I'm addicted, but I definitely can/should cut back on how much I look at things. So if you start to see a bunch of comments come in from me or likes...you'll know why! I might do a post just on this, we'll see.

We had a good weekend before the throat plague set in. Brent played in a golf tournament all weekend, so my goal is always to stay busy! Saturday we went to a parade in Pville with my sis and her kids - it's so great because it's at the end of my parents' street.

The boys led the parade {grin}

Drew finally picked an outfit that isn't awful! At least it's all neon colors.

While Sister slept, my helper and I built an art easel. I had clothes on though.

Brent's tournament got canceled on Sunday, so he got home early in the afternoon which was much appreciated as my sickness began ramping up.

These 2 just love each other! 
Brent and Trent call each other 'Best Pal' and now Drew calls Brent 'Daddy Best Pal'. LOVE IT!

And that's been life in a nutshell for us lately.  Told y'all it was a hodge-podge!


Anonymous said...

You better not take a break from posting! Just all the other stuff. Happy Birthday, Brent! - AP