Monday, May 25, 2015

Turn Around...Don't Drown!

For years, Texas has been in a drought and now we are literally living in a world of constant flash flood warnings and tornado watches. It is beyond crazy. My family is safe and dry and had a relatively uneventful weekend, which unfortunately is more than some people can say.

Anyway, let's not get too sad, shall we? This week we finally did something I've wanted to do since moving in...we got our new library cards! Our new hometown library is super cute with a HUGE kids area and play space as well as an awesome little cafe. I foresee a lot of trips here over the coming years.

Reading a magazine while I'm trying to learn the organization system and for the love of all things holy find the Lego Star Wars books!

When asked if she was ready to go, her response was 'No, I'm doing puzzles.'

Saturday morning movie watching in bed

Saturday night explorations of Bubba's belly button

The hero worship continues and Little Miss wanted to sit next to Bubba while he looked at I love their relationship!

Unfortunately, another big storm rolled in Saturday night and Drew is terrified of thunder. So I spent hours trying to get her asleep. Every clap of thunder and she was back up and crying that the thunder was going to get her. So sad.

Almost asleep in my lap 11:30 PM

Sunday dawned with a nice little fever for Drew, and I just knew she'd gotten strep throat, and I wasn't playing around with that. Well, after a quick trip to urgent care, it was a confirmed ear infection. Lots of essential oils used and 24 hours later, she was good as new! So it was another low-key day of movie watching and all-around excellent parenting!

Man, was I so glad not to go to work today! I was supposed to go see Pitch Perfect 2 with Allison on Sunday but sickie ruined those plans, so we went today. Luckily we went first thing because storms were brewing!

Me with the kiddos prepared for tornadoes. 
Trent took all the pillows and is hidden beside the toilet.
Poor Drew Babe's nap got interrupted so she was still tired!

After the excitement in the hall bath, the rest of today was relatively normal. Although we watched a lot of news coverage and saw all the crazy flooding all around us. Quite scary! I hope everyone else stayed safe and dry this weekend!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Glad yall were ok!!

Karen Peterson said...

I'm sorry about the sickies, but thank goodness for oils!

I'm glad you were unscathed by the storms. I've been watching Facebook and can't believe all my friends that have been affected.

What did you think of Pitch Perfect 2? I saw it yesterday with my sister. I didn't like it as much as the first, but still thought it was fun and cute.