Thursday, May 21, 2015

You Know What's Fun?

There are lots of things in life that are fun. Vacations, holidays, candy, date nights... This week I've enjoyed something super awesome and fun.


There is nothing quite as enjoyable as being 34 years old, having a full-time job, family responsibilities revolving around 2 small children who TOTALLY understand what it means when mommy says she doesn't feel good {I need a snack. Can you read to me? Do you feel better yet? Come play with me. Where are my shoes? Hold you. When are we going to eat? I don't wannnnnnnnnnnnna take a bath!!!} and feeling like your throat is going to explode out of your mouth. 

I tried to play it off Sunday and Monday - Oh, it's just allergies and drainage. That slight fever? Oh that's nothing, I was just hot after napping under a blanket. Going to bed at 6:30 means you are totally fine, right? 

Tuesday I was pretty miserable but had an all-day meeting {virtual luckily} that went from 8:00 until 5:00 so by then I knew I needed to go to the doctor but couldn't. Tuesday night I couldn't sleep at all and just waited for 8:00 AM to call the doctor. I didn't want it to be strep because I don't want the kids or Brent to be at risk of something contagious, but I knew if it was strep I could get medicine and feel better faster. I don't like taking antibiotics and do everything under the sun first before using, but I couldn't wait to fill this prescription when the strep test came back positive.

4 pills in and I'm feeling somewhat better but nowhere near great. The icing on the cake is Brent has a little virus of some sort but thankfully not strep {yet}. Nothing like both parents being under the weather. The kids might have watched quite a bit of TV yesterday. Such is life. 

How's your week going? {grin}


Karen M. Peterson said...

Oh bummer! I hope you're feeling better! It's no fair that parents get sick. There should be a moratorium on parental illness when the kids are too young to fend for themselves.

Kathryn Bagley said...

So sorry!! Hope you're feeling better!!