Thursday, May 28, 2015

Currently: Twas the Eve of the Last Day of School

Time for another round of Currently

Current Book
I finally finished Allegiant last night and started The Giver. I couldn't remember if I ever read it in school or not, but I know I read a lot by Lois Lowry, so I decided to read it and am thinking now that I am pretty sure I never read it in school. What is my obsession with dystopian fiction?

Current Song
This is so 2014, but every new song that gets released off 1989 {Taylor Swift} quickly becomes one I love, so I think I just need to finally buy the whole album. Loving Bad Blood right now!

Current Drink
I just finished a glass of an Arnold Palmer {half lemonade, half tea} - yum!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure
The sheer number of ounces of said Arnold Palmer I've consumed today. Just too good!

Current Outfit
Today was field day for Trent at school and I volunteered so I'm wearing black cotton shorts and my Texas home shirt. Maybe I got a smidge of sun on my pasty white legs?

Current Celebrity Crush
Seeing Picture Perfect 2, it just reminds me how much fun I think Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick seem to be. I remember not thinking much of Anna Kendrick in Twilight, but I love her now!

Current Mood
Anxious - tomorrow is the kids' last day of school and next week we start some uncharted territory for us - we're having a nanny all summer! I work from home, so it isn't like I won't be around, but it's just different! She's come over several times and Drew is slowly warming up to her and Trent already loves her, I'm just unsure how it'll be next week when I need to hide for 8 hours straight to work...

Current Anticipation
Book club tomorrow night! It's been I think 4 months since we last got together, and it was a beast getting our calendars to sync up for this get together. So excited to see my ladies!

Current Film
There are so many I missed the last few months that are either already gone from the theaters or in our local dollar cinema. Hope to catch these at least on DVD soon!

Current Picture

This is my background on my laptop...just love this pic from Mother's Day!


Kathryn Bagley said...

You know I love me some T Swift!! Hoping things work out with the nanny!!

Karen Peterson said...

Love Tay Tay!

And McFarland, USA was a good one. I really liked it a lot. I hope you do too.

Cute pic with the kiddos!