Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fashion Police - Emmys 2014

Award Season is here! I didn't get to watch as much of the Emmy's as I would like {Brent and I were messing around with house stuff}, but of course I studied all the fashion and read a great synopsis. I was a little disappointed because I felt like the same winners from the recent past won again. I would have loved to have seen Woody or Matthew win for True Detectives or for the love why can't Downton Abbey win. Ahem...anyway...on to the fashion!!

Orange is the New Black

My overall thoughts for Orange is the New Black was how nice my favorite prisoners clean up. {grin}

Danielle Brooks
Anybody catch her Outlander shoutout in the season 2 finale? Whoop! 

Dascha Polanco
Wow. Her top does NOT fit in the least. Her cup runneth over.

Kate Mulgrew

Laura Prepon
I just don't like her dark hair in general, and it's so messy here. 

Laverne Cox
Would anyone know she used to be a man? I wouldn't! 

Michael Harney

Natasha Lyonne

Pablo Schreiber
He looks so nice here and has played a horrible character twice. Just not sure I can ever like him, ha! 

Samira Wiley
A little bright for me. 

Taryn Manning
Not a fan of ANY of this look. Hair, makeup, dress, ugh. 

Uzo Aduba
DAMN! Crazy Eyes cleans up nice, right??

Taylor Schilling
My favorite from Orange is the New Black

Game of Thrones

Here's another group that looks pretty grubby {most of them} regularly but cleans up well!

Kit Harington
Does his tux jacket seem just a smidge too small? But I mean... he's John Snow, so I guess I can let it slide.

Lena Headey
I am a little underwhelmed because Cersei always looks so FIERCE.

Natalie Dormer
Nice but nothing special. A smile would go a long way though...come on!

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Rose Leslie
This just looks too big, right? The actresses are too freaking skinny! I love Rose and think she is naturally SO beautiful but this just doesn't work.

Everyone else...aka...I got lazy

Adam Levine
I have always heard he is a giant douche, but he cleans up super nice.

Allison Williams
It's hard to really see this, but she's so beautiful I'm not sure I care?

Amy Poehler
I feel like this makes her waistline look big? It's almost really awesome.

Ariel Winter
I LOVE this! I feel like she dresses too mature usually and this is really fun and age-appropriate and hides her insane cleavage that we shouldn't be seeing on a teenager!

Gwen Stefani
No matter how many times I look at this picture, I can barely believe it's Gwen. Did she have an insane amount of work done or something? I can't even comment on the dress, WTF is up with her face?

Heidi Klum
I like that it's a little more casual/flirty fun for the Emmy's and a little bit different for her. She looks great!

Jimmy Fallon
He is so adorable, but doesn't his tux look just a wee bit too small? In the sleeves and at his shoes???

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
She just gets better and better with age!

Julia Roberts
This wasn't my favorite, but I like that it's unique and another fun dress.

Julie Bowen
Dear Julie, please EAT A SANDWICH and then hire a stylist.

Kate Mara
Eh? I don't love it but don't hate it. I do, however, love her!

Katherine Heigl
While I think she looks beautiful, I think this is more age-appropriate for Helen Mirren.

Kerry Washington
I absolutely LOVE this.

Kristen Wiig
I canNOT believe she is 41.

Lucy Liu
I first saw this when she walked on-stage, and I thought it was so flowy and pretty. Then I saw it on the red carpet and liked it even more.

Matt LeBlanc
He looks so handsome with his gray hair. The newest Silver Fox?

Matthew McConaughey
I like that they try to have fun, but I'm not feeling this one.

Mayim Bialik
I get that she dresses conservatively for religious purposes, but there's too much skirt. The top half looks really nice and then there's just SO much blue fabric. It's like Violet from Willy Wonka!

Mindy Kaling

Sarah Hyland
I bet she and Julie Bowen could go halfsies on a stylist?

Sofia Vegara
Julie and Sarah, take note. This is what a few pounds and a stylist can do for you! 

Vanessa Williams
Love the color, the curves, it works!

Zooey Deschanel
I like the dress okay but I don't like her hair AT ALL.

Worst Dressed

Claire Danes
I love Claire, but I am so tired of her wearing dresses that make her look like a 12 year-old boy. Play up your assets, don't accentuate your LACK of assets!!! Knowing that this is also Kim Kardashian's wedding dress makes me sad because I am not a Kim fan, but she looked so much prettier.

January Jones
For someone so beautiful, I hate almost everything she wears every year. 

Johnny Galecki
It's hard to look cool when you got your job for being a NERD.

Kaley Cuoco
Last year Kaley surprised me with numerous dresses I liked. We're off to a bad start this year. 

Sarah Paulson
I don't even know what to say except no.

Best of the Worst - Lena Dunham
The platinum bob, the dark eyebrows and lips against pale skin, the button-up shirt, the tulle multi-colored is just all so awful.

Best Dressed

Matt Bomer

Michelle Dockery

Her show might never win awards, but I just love, love her look here. Her hair is elegant but relaxed, her makeup is flawless, the dress fits her great and is unique and fun while still be sophisticated. I just love it!


Anonymous said...

I obviously don't watch enough tv (HGTV!) because I don't know who half these people are. Comments still made me laugh though. Lady Mary - her dress was fun. - AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

This is one of my fav posts you do! Umm I did not even recognize Gwen and now I'm going to have to look that up..crazy!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Laverne Cox used to be a man?? I THOUGHT SO. I was so confused when I was watching her interview on the red carpet.

A lot of the fashion this year was awful. Just weird and not pretty.