Friday, August 1, 2014

August - The Month of Overload

Today is obviously the first day of August. The month of my birth, so it's pretty darn special to me {grin}. But man oh man, we are trying to pack in a lot this month!

  • I turn 34!!! Wait, I mean 29! I already foresee my birthday - a pedicure, a venti chai latte, and lots of delicious {yet bad} food!
  • We move into an apartment. Gulp.
  • Outlander premieres! Y'all, I'm dying! Hot men! Scots accents! Kilts! The most amazing love story! Our book club is having a viewing party and I made a cheesy invite.
Why yes, I do want to spend 16 hours watching these 2!
  • We close on the sale of our house!
  • Hopefully we break ground on the new house. After we finish picking ALL THE THINGS!
  • These 2 stinkers have 2 weeks off from school. So a hodge-podge of childcare and some vacation days for me. Pool time, library time, children's museum...good stuff coming up!

I'm already exhausted. Excited...but exhausted!


Dee Stephens said...

When is your birthday? I turn 39 on the 29th!! YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Super cute pic of Drew! Anything BESIDES Outlander we can see for our bday movie? - AP

Karen M. Peterson said...

Hooray for birthday months!

I'm going to give Outlander a try, even though I haven't started the books yet...