Sunday, August 24, 2014

Just Stuff

We officially closed on our house on Friday. I honestly thought I'd be more emotional than I was, but I think I am just so ready for our new house and so sick of moving that I was OVER that house, ha. I had to drive by it today to get a package off the porch. That was weird.

Speaking of the house, we have just a few more selections to make. So far, Brent and I have managed to not have any real flights. We might gripe as we go through looking at pictures for something but somehow have managed to find a happy medium for everything. I think being together this long, our brains are synched!

Apartment living is...okay. We are probably 85% totally situated. I need to pack up some more stuff that just won't fit and get it into storage, and the lack of space has made me decide to get rid of some more stuff, which is great, so I have my 20th Goodwill run to make. {grin}

The kids are doing great though! We have lived here just shy of a week and have gone swimming 4 times. Swimming EXHAUSTS Trent which is great for his little overactive mind and body. Instead of it taking sometimes 90 minutes to relax and fall asleep, we're talking 10 minutes! He's also getting so good in the water with his floaties, so I think we'll take on the challenge of getting rid of those soon. We're probably going to do lessons at a local YMCA coming up.

We live on a golf course and our apartment overlooks a green. There's a fence that separates the apartments from the course. Apparently Drew has had enough of apartment life already though!

School starts tomorrow. Trent sort of starts kindergarten. Being in Montessori school, it isn't that big of a deal because he's in the same class he ended the year in with the same teacher. I'm so glad otherwise I think I'd be a basket case.

Mom, I need your sunglasses. It's so bright back here.
{Nevermind that I'm DRIVING, and it's bright for me too!}

This girl will be the death of me. ATTITUDE. She is constantly trying to get her diapers off. B and I died when this happened!

I have their outfits planned for tomorrow, am about to make T's lunch and a little 'first day' sign, and then am going to curl up with the latest episode of Outlander and a glass of wine.

Happy Sunday!!


the blogivers said...

I actually thought of you as we got a taste of your apartment life this weekend while we were camped out at my parents' apartment for a couple of days! The pool access is a definite plus.

Hope the first day of school goes well for all!

Kathryn Bagley said...

I hope today is great!!

Dee Stephens said...

Jealous of you selling so quickly and getting to build a brand new house.
One day...One day.. CONGRATS!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm glad things went and are going smoothly with the houses and apartment transition.

And I hope the first day went perfectly!