Sunday, August 10, 2014

And the Beat Heat Goes On {A Weekend Recap of Sorts}

Man. Summer started out slow here in central Texas - we made it all the way through July with ONE day above 100 degrees. Then August hit and that show was over. The 10 day forecast looks like this: H.O.T.

And we're just rocking and rolling through it all. I'm just so glad Trent has finally decided he likes to swim, ha!

Friday, we met Brent's family at a local park for a picnic and swimming because his nephew is in town from out of state. He's 19. You read that right. Brent and I have a 19 year old nephew. I met him for the first time when he was Drew's age. Man, time flies.

Saturday, Brent and I filled out the application for our apartment. Lease starts this coming Saturday. I haven't packed a thing since getting the house 'show' ready. Gulp. Brent and I both laughed that we feel like we're taking a step back in life. Mid Early 30s {I can still say that for another year, right?} and moving into an apartment with our 2 kids? But it's a really nice apartment - as big as the house I grew up in - with a great pool, fitness center, attached garage, valet trash service {what what} blah, blah, blah.

I lied - we have done exactly 1 thing considered prepping for moving - got rid of our hand-me-down dining room furniture that neither of us liked. Thanks Granny for the 8 years of furniture that got used precisely once for a sit down meal.

Today was the usual - church, grocery store, naps, etc. T is having a slumber party with my parents tonight so little sister got the run of the place.

Randomly, we figured out what the address of our new house is. I didn't realize it was on some architectural stuff. And it got me all giddy. We drove by the lot after we did our lease paperwork. It's so exciting...yet so far away still! We're setting appointments for the next week or 2 for flooring, tile, granite, lighting - the big stuff!

Drew drew {ha} on the wall with a pencil. Brent was just a wee bit perturbed given we just had the house painted. I told Drew 'no no' and she showed me every spot she drew on with a waggle of her finger and a repetitive 'no no'. Hard to be mad at that!

She made a beeline for Bubba's unoccupied room after his bath.
Home girl is in LOVE with his storm troopers that he refuses to let her touch.

I don't know about you - but that is just about my perfect weekend.


Dee Stephens said...

Get this.. I have a 24-year old nephew, 22-year old niece and 20-year old niece YIKEs!

Anonymous said...

"We" got rid of the furniture? I guess "we" mow the yard too? - B

Kathryn Bagley said...

Drew is such a cutie!! and so tiny too!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Cute post!

This summer has been really weird, weather-wise. Some days are unbearably hot and other days I find it impossible to believe it's summer in California.