Monday, December 21, 2009

Gurliamson Christmas

The Gurleys went to visit the Williamsons yesterday for Christmas. Our favorite soldier was there in spirit as were all his presents for Kristen. He had shipped them to us, so I wrapped and surprised Kristen with them. Of course she had to open them immediately. (And Sky, don't think we aren't compiling items daily for Kristen's diamond list!!!)
Presents for Kristen
Godmother and Godson - total love, huh?Brent opening his t.u. Snuggie
Now he can stay warm and keep his grubby paws off my Slanket.
The Golden Girls tee from me :) (eat your heart out Woad)

Modeling her 'free' robe (with 'Kendra' in the background - yes, we watch classy t.v.)
Awesome North Face jacket
D&G Perfume
Espresso machine (can't wait for my cappucino, K Dub)
Loving on his new Elmo Trent waschecking out the neighbor's lights