Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning Part II

After heading to my parents, we took our customary 'in front of the tree pictures'. So much more fun with the babies!

Dad wanted to hold both boys - only lasted for a minute before he needed relief!
I don't have any of the pictures of opening presents that morning (Trent missed out for a nap), but I've got the afternoon session (after Trent's nap). Coming soon!


Anonymous said...

LOVE these pictures! Brings back such good memories for me! LOVE THAT HOUSE! haha!


Nancy J. Moon said...

FINALLY, I only check your blog EVERY time I walk by my computer. Even have your icon so I can just click on it. My heart is soooo happy with all the happiness I see in these boys and their parents and grandparents.
Now if Erin would just post more Zack pictures. . .

plauschinat said...

Great pictures! Hope all the Swope's had happy holidays!