Monday, March 20, 2023

Spring Break Fun

We just finished up our Spring Break! Marching along towards summer - I CAN'T believe it! We have just a little more than 2 months to go and then my firstborn baby is in HIGH SCHOOL. Hold me.

Finally hung this up in Paige's room - she got it for her 5th birthday ha!
It promptly fell down that night and is now on her
I need to get it up again. But still, I did it once!

Monday we went on a nature walk and then had lunch with some of our besties! We had 5 girls and they had a great time!

Paige, Drew, Keaton, Brently, and Brinley

Me and Rhonda


Tuesday we met some of our school friends who moved in the fall. We miss these girls a lot and had a great time playing at the park.

Maya, Drew, Paige, Raina, and Aayana

Brent got extra responsibility with the family whose dogs he walks. The family was away for the weekend so Trent took care of one of the dogs. He did a great job!

The kids spent Wednesday - Friday with my parents - they hosted 'Cousin Camp' and had all 6 grandkids. Best grandparents ever!! {Well, tied with Brent's parents - we definitely hit the lottery!}

Had to share my favorite flower - nature is doing her thing and Texas is GORGEOUS.

When I got the kids back on Friday, we picked up Drew's bestie for a sleepover and went shopping!

Where did my baby go? She looks so grown here!

Drew and Zara bought matching outfits to 'twin'. Can you tell them apart?

Little Bit got a sleepover in our bed. Is there room for me?

And we ended our break with some backbend practice ha!

We had a good spring break and are ready for it to truly feel like spring - it's been COLD the last few days! Also I promise Brent and Trent were around the whole break, ha!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Sounds like a nice chill break! I want a spring break..ha! I guess I get the adult version next week when I will be off work all week. I think tonight is our last night of cold weather (i hope).

Natasha said...

Ugh -- we just returned from March Break and have THREE AND A HALF MONTHS left of school. That's WAAAAYYYY too far away. Also, Sam is having his Grade 8 grad photos done today and I am NOT READY. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH.